Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Fun Dinner and Introducing Moses to Baby Showers, Family and Friends!

The morning after Rick and I returned to SLC, my sister and I made a quick trip to Bear Lake where a beautiful graveside service was held for my cousin’s wife. They lived in Las Vegas most of their lives but she was laid to rest in the Bloomington Cemetery where most of our relatives are buried. It was especially sad because this was a beautiful 71 year old woman who had just given a talk at the church and just leaned over during the dinner that followed and died of a sudden brain hemorrhage. Life it so fragile!  She was a magnificent woman! 

It was great to have a few hours with my best (and only) sister though. She is my best friend (next to Rick)! The wind whipped up our hair. Look at that flag! 


After that I had 48 hours to whip up a dinner party for my dear book club friends and spouses. We had a fun dinner with an Indian theme. I made Chicken Tikka Masala and everybody brought delicious contributions. We had this table for 20 especially made for our own adult family but it works well for our book club too!


After dinner we gathered in the the living room for a discussion about our new book Life in Full since we are all at the exciting age where life is full to overflowing! Rick led the discussion and we  loved the wonderful ideas and thoughts added by these dear friends.

Just as everyone left, we got a call from Eli who said he was on the front row of the US Open, watching the semi finals. Since it was 1:15 a.m. and most of the audience had left, he was thrilled to slip down to the front row. I happened to turn on the news and notice that I could see Eli as they were interviewing Stan Wawrinka after his win on the national news. It made us laugh to see Eli there right behind him. I snapped a picture of the picture! See him in a blue shirt right in the middle there behind Stan who is being interviewed? That kid is crazy about tennis. I wonder where that came from???


Onward….Our little reunion in New York City gave Charity and Ian an opportunity to introduce Moses to his Aunts Saydi and Julie and his Uncle Eli along with his six cousins on the East Coast. From Texas the Wrights flew to Orange County where Noah and Krisit live with their five….soon to be six little cherubs.


Twenty four hours later they were off to Salt Lake. Shawni and Claire flew in from Arizona and met them at the airport. Claire has been dreaming about meeting this child every day since he was born! She is her mother’s daughter!  I don’t think there’s a child on earth more baby crazy than this dazzling little girl! Here’s a shot at the airport:


Here’s Shawni’s Instagram post that steals my heart!


We were so thrilled to have Moses home! He was excited about his new Eyrealm t-shirt since he wasn’t there for the reunion:


Saren and Eliza came from Ogden to spend the day and be there for a family baby shower for Moses that night! My sister Lenna  came from North Salt Lake along with so many of her daughters and daughters-in-law and their girls! It was so great to have them all together along with many other cousins and friends! Obviously, I left my camera somewhere in the house and I’m having to draw from every source I can find to fill in the gaps on pictures! Thanks all!


Did we ever have fun being together and enjoying baby Moses! !

Another grand Baby Shower was thrown by Charity’s friends who came from near and far! Two friends even flew in from California for the festivities! There were high school friends, college friends and work friends. What a grand celebration for Moses!

I missed getting there in time to get everyone enjoying lunch but here are a few dear friends who were left at the table by the time I got there!

One of Charity’s delightful, ultra creative friends, Dani really did a number on the decorations. She’s amazing! Who would think of this for a baby shower?


Or this? (taken that evening after everyone left).


I think another friend thought of this:


These wonderful friends created a day to remember for Charity and Ian and….Moses probably recorded something in his cute little brain on the love surrounding him on this memorable day!

(These pictures are taken from the balcony with lots of light flowing in as Ian and Charity opened the lovely gifts!)


The next day was Sunday. We traveled to Ogden to have brunch with the Looslis and have one last celebration before everyone went their way.


Josh had flown in from AZ to enjoy the hoopla of meeting this new little guy. You can already tell that Moses is going to love his Uncle Josh!



After church we dressed him in his new jammies that his Grandfather bought for him in London before he was born. His grandfather kind of likes him!


So it’s goodbye for now as Shawni and Claire had left the day before and we dropped Josh off at the airport to fly back to AZ. Ian and Charity headed for Provo to see Ian’s sisters and grandparents before flying back to London. Rick and I got ready to fly out to give a speech in Detroit. The party is over for a while, but wow, we made the best of those wild and wonderful mini-reunion days!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Blessed Family and a Baby Blessing in Texas


Many years ago, I bought this little blessing outfit at Harrod’s in London with the hope that all our little grandsons might be blessed in it! Although we’ve missed a few of the 14 grandsons we’ve had blessed so far, I have managed to get this to all the baby blessings we have attended.
So we left our little reunion in NYC and flew to Dallas,Texas where Ian’s parents have lived for over 20 years; so it was the Wright family’s turn to oogle over this baby and congregate for the blessing of a remarkable little baby boy!

This baby has the most incredible array of expressions! He always looks as though he just wants to open his mouth and talk so he can tell us where he came from!




And how scary it was on the way….


And how happy he is that he got to have his terrific parents:


So little Moses Thames Eyre Wright was officially given his name and a very special Father’s blessing by his fabulous father Ian, assisted by two grandfathers, two brothers and a brother in law. It was a very special moment in time for Baby Moses and all of us who were there!

This brother below and his wife and four children flew from Ohio. Two sisters and a brother-in-law also came from Provo. Another brother and his pregnant wife are living with the Wrights while he goes to dental school. And the oldest brother is living in Europe.


You can tell how much this little guy loves being with his Grandparents! Ha Ha!

Moses with Grandparents

A fun few hours were enjoyed together before Rick and I took off for home. The Wrights are a  stellar family full of bright minds and great souls!


Happy Day! A new baby brings such joy! (Selfies make the person in front look so big!)

Monday, September 12, 2016

New York Reunion

The excitement was building as a congregatin of Eyres were about to converge in NYC! We arrived on Monday before the family crowds appeared and were lucky enough to get tickets that very night for a much anticipated experience. Several of our grandchildren have many of the lyrics memorized to the newest sensation on Broadway and somehow, pretty reasonably priced tickets because available! Because we had been listenening to the astounding lyrics and music to Hamilton, to and from Bear Lake the last couple of trips, it was especially delightful to see this pretty amazing show! As you can see, they were balcony seats, but it’s a pretty small theatre and we felt so lucky to be there!


The audience was as entertaining as the show. Everyone seemed to know the words and what was coming next and they cheered as though they were at a tennis match at the conclusion of each song. Pretty fun!

And speaking of tennis….on to the U.S. Open where we spent a couple of days on each end of when our other kids arrived watching some great tennis and marveling at the new roof on Arthur Ashe Stadium as well as the New Grandstand Stadium.


On Tuesday night Ian and Charity arrived from London and Eli kindly got a ZIP car to pick them up, even though he and Julie, Zara and Dean had just arrived from their trip to Switzerland the day before. Even though everybody was jet lagged, they did amazingly well and not only survived, but thrived!

It was a grand reunion, since Charity and Ian weren’t able to be at the reunion this year but the main attraction of course, was Baby Moses!


That afternoon Saydi arrived from Boston with the four Shumway kids to greet Moses with glee!






Since Central Park is basically Julie and Eli’s back yard, we always have such a great time there!








When we got to the Shakespeare Theatre, suddently there was a cloudburst! The adults took cover under the eaves but the kids soon realized that the rain wasn’t going away any time soon and began to revel in the experience of getting soaking wet in Central Park. It was great entertainment for all who were taking cover there including us!

Zara started with getting her dress soaking wet and then gave up on that. While Julie rang out the dress, she, joned by Dean, ran off in their “skivvies” much to the delight of everyone. Soon the other kids, youngest to the oldest gradually joined the joy in the rain!



Soon the older kids dropped the umbrella and began stomping in puddles to follow Peter’s example (in the green shirt above). 







Meanwhile, Moses was loving all that raucous action!


What a fun memory! Can you tell that every child in this picture is soaking wet? Also, Zara’s dress got a little dirty! It actually had holes in it at the end of her busy day. I think her mom threw it away!


From there it was off the the MET to meet a friend of Charity’s who had driven up from Philadephia to see her and meet the baby. This is the only picture I got in that marvelous place. The story behind it is pretty amazing but too long to chronicle here. If you look hard you can see Charity and her friend and husband in the lower left corner.


After lots of fun including eating out (and some eating in) we bid farewell to Ian and Charity and Moses who took off for Texas where Ian’s family lives for a special weekend with the Wright family where we would join them for a baby blessing on Sunday (coming in the next post). Shortly afterward we walked Saydi and the kids back to their car on 80th street and they headed for home to beat the Labor Day traffic.

And we headed back to the US Open where they were selling Rick’s new book Tennis and Life (on the top left) just published last month. It was fun to see it prominently displayed in the first ever US Open bookstore!


Eli joined us for the day and we saw several awesome matches!


And at the end of the day, we enjoyed a spectacular sunset as we walked across the way to the Mets Stadium where the Mets were playing the Nats (Eli, Julie and Zara’s favorite team). How luck are we? Look at that beautiful new roof in the background!



The fairly new Mets stadium is pretty amazing too!




How Eli and Julie are doing this is beyond me! Luckily they don’t believe in jet lag!

The next morning we bid them a fond farewell and flew off to Texas with lots of grand memories in our pockets!