Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Las Vegas, Kansas City Birthday Week!


To get more details about what happened this week, go to the Valuesparenting blog so I don't have to write it twice. All different pictures and details about dad's birthday. You all wrote and sent such GREAT things. Dad was overwhelmed! Just to explain the pictures, these big moose were just standing in the road one morning when I drove up the road to the house. It was a mom and her BIG calf! This is right by the barn!

Also, I forgot to mention in the Valuesparenting blog how much fun we had with Jonah and Saren! They drove from St. George (Jonah picked up his car there). We had a fun breakfast in our lovely little suite and then we took Jonah to his car and Saren and I went shopping at the International World Market. Jonah and Dad joined us later. It was so fun to see all that gorgeous stuff and we found a rug that I'm so excited about for the great room. Thanks to Saren's great expertise and "ins" because she is a "buyer" we got 2/3 off the price! It was still a lot of money, but we are ever indebted!

After a good talk and a little dinner, we sent her on her way and we went to the big concert! They paid KISS to come as a special Halloween treat I guess. They were out by the pool and two songs was about all we could take. The Entrepreneurs are good folks and the food was terrific! Just thought you'd like to know your parents were at a KISS concert over the weekend.

Kansas City was so fun and your messages meant so much to dad as we were far away from home. Another landmark birthday! Can you believe it's been three years since we celebrated his 60th in Bali! How time flies!

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