Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crazy week!

Now that elections are over, we have settled back into a full-time "round up" at the house. Some crazy thing happens every day! I think I told you that Patrick's tarp leaked when he was sawing marble for the fireplace and a large section of the bamboo is warped. The plumbers actually came two days this week! After we waited for them for at least eight hours altogether, they put in two faucets and then told us that the bidet that has been sitting on the bathroom floor for two months doesn't fit the handles we have, so I ran right out to the nearest faucet place and they said the ONLY faucet that fits that bidet costs $1100 and they're ugly! SO we're in the process of finding a new bidet to fit the nice Price Pfister faucets that we already have. In addition to a couple of other Patrick "oops" the curved casings for the huge front and back windows are 18 inches short. A nice guy came all the way to the house to put just those on so we could get rid of the scaffolding and then we discovered that they've got to cut them again (they didn't even follow the contour line) and stain and varnish them again. SOOO we're behind the 8 ball at that one!

We did find a tile guy who is also doing the floors and PROMISES to have them done by next week but he was going to finish the upstairs on Friday and Saturday and we haven't seen him yet. BUT with only four more faucets to hook up and figuring that they can do at least two a week, if the plumbers happen to show up for a few minutes, we'll be almost "hooked up" by Thanksgivng...IF the electrician comes back to hook up the garbage disposals so the dishwashers will work.

The only other problem this week was that the cushions on the back of the window seat were too tall but that can be fixed with some extra money! Wow, can you tell how much fun we're having??? Actually it was fun to work with Eli up there on Saturday while Dad took the horses to Cedar and visited with the Southern Utah contingents. He put up the mirrors and tried to figure out how to trim the rest of the barkgrass without a scaffolding which Dad and Patrick took outside to put up the headers. He is still just getting things started at the office in Provo so we're grateful for every hour we have him to help at the house. This week lots of things need to happen to get ready for Thanksgiving. We did find a welder to get the posts done but we're not going to have the balcony in so after a quick tour, we're going to have to close off the upstairs for little kids. We'll have dinner and then go to the Carvers to watch football. We'll see what this week brings. They want $529 to clean the windows and after trying to do two or three of them myself this week, I'm thinking they will certainly earn their money! They are a MESS!

We ARE having fun but we're kind of excited to be done! Probably won't be selling this house for a while. The market has dropped like a rock! So fun to talk to most of you this week, even for just a minute!

Sure love you,

P.S. Sorry the only pictures I took this week were the too tall cushions. I'll send some next week!


Shawni said...

Fun stuff, Mom. I'm not going to build a house.

charity eyre wright said...

bidet? as in those things that squirt water up your bum? just forget it mom! save the $1100 for something else!

haha, i am so glad i don't have to deal with all of that stuff. you're pretty amazing madre!

eyre blog said...

how do you do it?