Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Happy Thanksgiving!


WOW! Did we have a Thanksgiving! We almost killed ourselves and several workmen trying to get the house ready! With the last coat still to go on the kitchen and pantry floors and some boards to replace and some of the carpet left to be done and no railings on the loft, we had a great, short dinner with only one "accident" as Austin fell through the ice on the little stream across the road and got wet up to his armpits. We really had such a nice time and it was great to have all that help to clean up! We are so grateful for the many people who showed up to help make it possible to have Thanksgiving dinner there! It was so fun to have the Looslis, Eli, Julie and Charity for our big day (and to help us clean up ten tons of dust from the sanding the night before)! All the Carvers came except Tony and Natalie and their little Callie and Nick and Megan and their two boys. We had 39 in all! We are full of Thanks for everyone's love and help!

On Friday morning we flew to AZ and went straight to the "Train Park" (first picture) with the kids and even though it was pretty cold, we loved being together and enjoying seeing the cousins play together with only a fight here and there! It was so fun to have six siblings and 10 grandchildren along with the grand spouses all together! That night we went to an adults only dinner at a Mexican place and had a nice time to talk without a pack of fun little kids.

Saydi and Jeff, Hazel and Charlie had been here for Jeff's 90 year old Grandmother's birthday since last Sunday. It was also so great to be able to be with the St. George Eyres and Aja's family including Teresa, Tyler, Sonna and her husband Sloan and baby Ruthie. Last night we had a barbecue on the roof of Sonna's condo building and had a fabulous view of Phoenix and enjoyed some great hamburgers! Then we went to ZooLights which is a light extravaganza at the Phoenix Zoo! It was so fun (after we found Gracie who immediately got lost in the dark) to see the delighted kids, young and old alike and to hear the Christmas music and watch the kids dance along the way and ride the fun Merry Go Round. Pictures coming...Josh, Shawni and Aja were the photographers!

Shawni and Dave have been such troopers to put up with all our troops! They had about 18 people sleeping at their house one night, even though Dad and I are sleeping at Josh's. After a great Sabbath Day, tonight we watched Hair Spray and then after the kids went to bed we played two truths and a lie. It was fun to hear things we didn't know about our own family and especially Julie, who is just terrific! Hope you three who weren't with us had a great time too. We know Noah and Kristi were in D.C. (hope you're over that horrible cough and pleuresy Kristi) and Tal was with the Buchner Family and Sarah and then he and Sarah went to be with Adrian Dayton today for Adrian's baby's blessing. Saren and Jared have been at our house and visiting with friends and family while we've been gone. We need details when you get a chance. Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever and I am more grateful for you than you can ever know!

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