Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow and Go!




Wow, it's truly winter! We have about 14 inches on our lounge chair, the birds are foraging for food and it is a gorgeous sparkling clear day today! In the four short days this week (we didn't get back from Phoenix until Tuesday) we have actually made some progress on the house (last coat on all the bamboo and some doors and doorknobs installed). Instead of expecting a lot and getting diappointed, we are just delighted with anything that happens. Even the disasters are becoming part of the comic story of building this house! After the last major one last week of finding our new master tub cracked in two places and with little pock marks all over it from welding sparks, the doors not fitting this week was just the next funny adventure. Because the sheetrock wasn't installed when they last hung the doors, almost none of the doors fit because those guys with their big hammers knocked the frames into another shape! Sooo we had two good guys up there all day yesterday making them fit! BUT after dusting everything again after the sanding of the ironwood in the upstairs bedroom which I guess they forgot the first time around, things are looking great!

The best news of the week, was Noah and Kristi's scripture. I laughed until I cried reading Josh's response...on the sign, followed by Charity's and Saren's. Does everyone have this now? What joy...along with the horrible cough and throwing up, huh Kristi?

This week we only have one day to do what needs to be done for the next week, as we'll be gone! In addition to the thousand calls on the house, Dad has come up with a new project...getting Patrick out of Pig 3 and another renter in, who wants to paint and recarpet this week. So the colors of all the walls and a new carpet need to be determined on Monday before we fly off on Tuesday. Life is always so exciting!

After two months of total dedication to the house and the distractions of life, we have finally made time to see some good movies. August Rush, if you think of it in a "Field of Dreams" mode is a dreamy movie about genius and faith and love. Dan in Real Life was fun movie about a big lovely functional family with adult children just working out their love details. Last night we saw Lars and the Real Girl which I LOVED! Dad fell asleep and snored several time (in his defense, he had snow blown the massive driveways at the new house AND moved all our "stuff" out of the little pig so the new renters could move AND picked out a Christmas tree before we got there). It was such a sweet way to show how much ordinary people can do with love to change the life of one struggling whacky person. We recommend all three, though you will all have different takes on them!

Today we are fasting for our single kids and the Romneys who really need our prayers. Dad may have already told you that he is going to give the Mormon speech on Thursday. We'll be on a plane to Boston. Somebody record it for us okay?

We're headed for a private school speech in Monterrey, Mexico on Tueday, then on to the great Endowment Session in Boston and then New York on Friday and Saturday, with a couple of days in New York with a happy family crew. Looks like Jonah and Aja, Aniston and Elsie will be there too. Hooray! I'm so grateful for several flights this week to catch up on the Book of Mormon. I'm on Alma 53. As far as I know, Julie is the only one so far that is ahead of me. How is everyone else doing? Those wars are pretty gory! Sounds just about like Iraq to me! Some things never change!

Saydi and Jeff, our prayers are with you as well! How the Lord must love you! Happy Christmas Season to all!
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charity eyre wright said...

great post mom. you've got the blogging tone down! i loved reading this. you are the best and i can't wait to see you!!

Eli said...

it's so great to be able to hang around with you and dad. you guys are pretty awesome.