Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Great Tennis Day!

We saw some great matches today including the one that Ana Ivanovic won after losing the first set 6-0! It was sprinkling just a bit before the Sharapova match so they closed the roof which had been open the whole time (see picture). It's quite an amazing building! After the day sessions, we decided that Tsonga would get beat easily so we toured Melbourne for a while and saw this incredible art museum. When we got home we were able to see the last two absolutely incredible sets wherein Tsonga just played the most incredible tennis we've ever seen. If he plays like that in the final, I don't think Federer can beat him either. It was so fun to see..uninterrupted!

We're getting ready to check out of our cute little hotel to see "The Twelve Apostles", some gorgeous rock formations in the water about two hours from here. We're having a great time on Shawni's birthday! Love to you all from Down Under!

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