Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Making Memories!

Charity and I had so much fun for her little graduation "trip" which included an overnight in a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Midway, in a room called "Waterfall". You can't see the waterfall too well in the picture, but the room lived up to its name as the toilet ran over! It was breathtakingly beautiful outside and we just relaxed by the fire and saw "My Fair Lady" which Charity had never seen. I especially loved it after seeing Pygmalian on Broadway with our fun group recently! I'm just today putting away the last of Christmas and wondering how all 28 of you survived in this house! That's a lot of bedding! Thanks for all your help in cleaning and clearing and for putting up with all the commotion for a week that we'll never forget! I do love all your thoughtful and wonderful gifts. I"ve love showing off all our darling grandchildren to the workers at the house and can't wait for more to see it! We're looking forward also to the Wellesley/Narnia lamp which will be memory for a lifetime and each of your thoughtful (and time consuming) gifts! It was so great to watch the DVD that Noah prepared together and to have my favorite Christmas scene framed for all the Christmases to come! I'll write individual thank yous when the dust settles and we're on our way around the world! STILL, the temple was my best pay day ever! Thanks for the effort you all made to be there! It was so fun to be in St. George last weekend for Ashton's birthday party and baptism (sorry, my camera broke and I don't have one of the baptism until Saren sends them). I can't wait for Saren's description of the excitement that Oliver provided just before the confirmation. It was great to catch up with the Looslis and see Lynn looking so well!!! On Saturday night we Eyres went to the St. George temple and had a special tour of the sitting room upstairs where Lorenzo Snow used to live! During the sleepover with Charity, we started reading some family history stuff. Charity's mission president and wife wisely asked everyone to bring a 4 generation chart and some stories about ancestors. We read Grandma J's missionary journal from almost exactly 80 years ago, which is so dear where she talks about feeling joy and inadequacy as well as real sorrow at missing her oldest sister's wedding, especially since her mother had been gone for 8 years. It was so fun to read her writing style which is similiar to Charity's in many ways! We also read about Edwin Eyre, Jr. who came across the ocean from Liverpool and during the voyage lost his mother. Then came across the plains in a non-mormon wagon train where he and his brother (20 and 25) were treated terribly by the wagon bosses and then their father died on the trail! After arriving in the valley and being greeted by an older brother (sixteen children were born to the family, eleven lived and only about 4 made it to the valley), they moved to Minersville. After marrying and with a young family he was called back to England on a mission and was set apart by Lorenzo Snow. He baptized 26 and after much hard work, came home to find tp his delight that his wife had $10 in her possession and no debt!!! Later in life, he and his wife were called to be officiators in the St. George Temple, which he had helped to build! He was an active community leader but seemed to feel that job was his crowning glory! What a story after our fun time in that very temple on Saturday night! (By the way, Jonah, some of this info came from the records of someone named Elsie about that?) We're scrambling to get Charity ready to leave 45 minutes before we leave at the airport next Thursday. We have a speech in St. Louis that night and then will come back on the 18th and have one day to get ready and leave for 5 weeks! One of my biggest challenges is to get birthday wishes to everyone whose birthdays will happen while wer'e gone as well as Dave and Kristi whom we missed in the wild scramble since Thanksgiving which also includes Courtney and Ian and Brinley! With eight grandchildren born during the span while we're gone, I have my work cut out for me! Hope you're all doing well and that you can get your pics with Charity and the grandchildren to Shawni's Costco account to be printed and picked up on my last trip to Costco on Friday morning. She'll love having those with her!!

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Shawni said...

sounds like a great trip, Mom. Love you.

Teddy, Scott, & baby Jane said...

EYRES! This is your long lost second daughter from years and years ago....Teddy Jane! I have been reading through all of your family's blogs and have truly enjoyed myself so much. What an incredible family! You guys have so much to be proud of! Well I'm going to give you our blog address (and I've given it to some of your other kids too to keep in touch) and I will look forward to continue reading about all of your wonderful lives!