Friday, February 1, 2008

Skywalk, Trees, Bridges and Great People!

We're back in Melbourne but just wanted to post a few pictures of the amazing skywalk we went on in Tasmania before we left.  It has been constructed above the trees so as you walk, you see what the birds see as they fly over. It's actually kind of scary and when it started to rain and the walk started to sway in the wind, I must admit that I hurried to get to the end.  Dad, of course, went to the end and on another mile run to the swinging bridge which was an hour away. I thought I might never see him again but he showed up soaking wet with sweat and rain!  Just before the skywalk, we went on a crazy little hang glider thing. It was attached to a cable but was a pretty spectacular ride...for about 50 yards. Funny!

2007-01-24 Tasmania 114

The trees were gargantuous and the ferns incredible!

2007-01-24 Tasmania 118

2007-01-24 Tasmania 125 2007-01-24 Tasmania 151  2007-01-24 Tasmania 154 2007-01-24 Tasmania 130 

Earlier we had driven to the top of Mt. Wellington, which Charles Darwin climbed many years ago with, in his words "a stupid guide who couldn't find a way to get through the underbrush. From it you can see all of Hobart and was also used to send messages back and forth from Port Arthur!

2007-01-24 Tasmania 054 2007-01-24 Tasmania 059 2007-01-24 Tasmania 032 Here we are on a boat trip down the Tasman River. A ship went through this bridge in 1969, knocking down the first segment on the left. It took two years to repair it!

2007-01-24 Tasmania 063

Here's Dad enjoying a gourmet meal at a vineyard owned by a reclusive genius who has a brilliant mind for the gambling tables. He is using his billions to build a museum of antiquities (free to the public) on his gorgeous vineyard  grounds.  Pretty amazing thing to do with your gambling money! 

Although we didn't get there in time for church on Sunday, there seemed to be plentiful churches in Tasmania.  We just happened to turn at this sign!

2007-01-24 Tasmania 042  

Now we're back in Melbourne and we did our first speech last night. Most of the couples had gone home (EO) by the time we thought to take the picture.  They were a great group so eager to be better parents!  Can there be a better job?

2008-02-01 2008-02-02  Speaking and traveling 515


Jonah and Aja said...

great to see those big fern trees again. i like mom's comment about the bridge. mom, you really like that stringy bark, huh? have you seen any parrots?

Shawni said...

I'm glad to hear you're living it up with a hangglider and everything. Mom you look gorgeous. Love you guys.