Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Wow, it seems great to be home again!  I had to finish putting the rest of our trip on the blog at the same time as I finished them on the plane on the way home and saved them until I had the Internet.

It was so fun to see Eli and Julie, so recently returned from their engagement adventure in New York waiting for us with a poster..the one from downstairs from 30 years ago that has "They have something to share" and that goofy picture of dad and I that they used for advertising for our first book with Deseret Book.  It was pretty funny, given that we had been sharing quite a bit for the past few weeks.

I only wish I had taken a picture. They were so cute standing there waiting for us...with Julie being laden down with her new "rock"!  Fun night!   We had one day to unpack,  read the mail and figure out that almost nothing had been done on the big house, then two days in Southern Utah doing a youth fireside with Eli in New Harmony and then playing with the kids in St. George before we headed home with Jonah and the truck after his new disaster with the house and then we had one more day to get things rolling at the house and have a quick lunch with Chris and Hedy who were here for a short visit after receiving their new call the the TORONTO EAST MISSION! They are going to be absolutely terrific!  Aaron is holding his own and is taking responsibility for his life again.  What a wonderful answer to all our prayers and what an amazing kid that Aaron is!

The next morning we headed for Logan to do a presentation at the class that we have started at USU called Balancing Work and Family and to answer questions for a couple of hours on film so they can use clips for the class. We took Grandma Ruthie with us and then had a nice visit with her afterward.  She is working hard on her family history and says she is getting all our emails and blogs.  Dave (Josh's cute friend) has even taught her how to get pictures off of the Internet for the book!  How many 85 year olds do you know that can work their way around the Internet???

Today it was so fun to go back to church!  It was like having a lovely second family to welcome us home.  Wow, we have some terrific people in our ward!  So we're mostly over jet lag, having stayed up to see the movie Vantage Point  and now trying to catch up on all the blog stuff.  What an incredible experience we have had and what an amazingly blessed life we live....crisis and all!


Jonah and Aja said...

i really like the jiggity jig part. we are all so happy that you are back safe.

eyre blog said...

Wow! That wsa fun to go through those pictures again. I still cannot believe that chicken foot. wow. wow. what would it be like to bite into that! we love you guys and are so glad you're home safe.

brittanimae said...

Wow! What a cool and amazing trip you had--I love your big pic of the family at the top of your blog. You guys are so cute.