Sunday, March 2, 2008


Now we're in Sydney at a beautiful hotel Near Sydney Harbor. We went straight to the harbor to view the fabulous Opera House and a cute guy talked us into taking the OZ Jet Boat...which made the Shark in the New York Harbor look like an evening cruise! It was SOOOO hilarious. We went 80 kilometers in 30 minutes with crazy turns going 80 mph and spraying everyone as the driver did his very best to hit the wakes of all the big ships so we could get some air! They said that we probably wouldn't get wet because we had on these big slickers! Needless to say, I was soaked 1 hour before our YPO presentation. It was pretty fun but we were going so fast that we couldn't see anything! FUNNY! I'll send pictures of what we saw today in the next email. Today, we also spent an hour with the only person we know in of Dad's old missionary companions. He's been a mission president in NYC (President Bailey) and it was so fun to catch up with him is his lime green car (he also has a Ferarrari in his garage...that was just his loaner car! It's almost midnight but we're missing you and love thinking about that cute little Eliza on her 5th birthday! Saren tell her that we've been thinking of her all day~! She is so adorable and we hope she had the BEST birthday ever. It's too late to call now. We'll have to call from China.

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