Monday, May 26, 2008

The Funeral

More pictures from the funeral (see the story below).

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Aunt Sissy (Alissa) said...

Hi Linda,

It's Alissa Owen (formerly Alissa Redd). I was googling stuff about Joy School and came across your wonderful blog! I also read Shawni's. She's just like you-- articulate, well-written and inspiring. I haven't had time to read much of Saydi and Saren's yet, but I am sure their blogs are equally amazing and inspiring. You and your family are wonderful. When I read the things Shawni writes about you, I can't help but find myself nodding in agreement! You've always been so kind and gracious. In fact, I am sitting in my home office typing this and the most visible books on my shelf are yours! What wonderful reads (and re-reads.) I also noticed Richard is playing a lot of tennis! That's wonderful-- so is Brandon (my husband). He's still competing and doing well in fact(or at least as my four young boys under age six attest!) Our favorite pasttime is to watch Brandon play really good tennis. At the last tournament, there were ball boys for his match and about 60 people watching! He tries to play as many Open or 5.0 tournaments as he can. If Richard is interested, he'd love to go hit with him when you are in Salt Lake! And, I love that he is writing a book about tennis and life! We want to pre-order! Brandon hits with our boys twice a week (my parents now own a house with a tennis court). It's wonderful to watch them become like their dad! Well, thanks for all your continuing inspiration. And, my neighbors and I are excited for Joy School! Thanks Linda. If Richard wants to go hit have him call Brandon (792-9254 (Brandon's cell) or at home 942-1749.)