Friday, May 23, 2008

Mother's Day Conference Call with Charity

/wow, talk about close to heaven, sitting here listening to everyone
talk to Charity on the speakerphone, in our room at JB Mop. looking at
the picture on the wall of the family so many years ago in Hawaii at
Grand Wialia, Charity just a little 5 or 6 year old, loved so much by
all those big siblings, and then glancing at the computer screen where
family pictures come up at random, ears on the ongoing conversation,
with "love" every other word, and as the underlying feeling
omnipresent. Josh reminiscing about the same areas, Sar and Shawn
putting each kid on to talk to their hero missionary, mom gushing about
how proud and how amazed we are at her success.
Charity with that special lilt of voice that makes her seem completely
different and totally transformed from her earlier accent
that is a cross between a modest British and a standard missionary
cadence. She is so happy in her service and her joy and trust.
Now Saydi joins and Hazel babbling on to her Chi Chi, and then Aniston
bounces on and asks about her Chi Chi too and now everyone is on
together, a little backed up and who cares because there is so much love
there, struggling to get expressed above the din. Jeff jumps in and says
How are you Cheech. Saydi says the same thing about intonation and
accent and asks what is her favorite thing so far. As with the kids
questions the answer is all about the Spirit and about Christ. Saydi
gets cut off the line just as Char asks how she is feeling, so Jonah,
who has joined, answers for her and says "She is feeling fat and
pregnant'" and Charity yells "What!" because she didn't know before.
And then Jo starts reminiscing about how great the British way is and
how much he misses the place. A third of the nine as London missionaries!
Love knows no boundaries and respects no distance as Boston and Arizona
and Southern Utah and NYC and England fly up and blend in a stratosphere
of family and commitment and familiarity and love.
Of course the occasion is Mothers day, and Linda gets her best present
as she comes in and joins me in the master b.r. and sits there in the
chair just basking in the love of her kids for eachother and smiling
that madonna smile from ear to ear, blue eyes sparkling with delight.
Tal sparks on with "what's up girlfriend" and comments on the voice, a
little higher tone, and tells her that her cardboard cut out was more
popular than Elder Perry at the wedding breakfast. Bows out early with
a comment on how everything feels right
Then Noah and Kristi, the organizers of the call tell her that they read
every word when it comes wherever they are, and Kristi feels like she
just saw her at the wedding, and that the baby is kicking right along
and Flibidigibut is due the end of July but is going to try to push it
out on Char's birthday and maybe the middle name will be Cheech or Chaz.
McKay babbles a little like Charlie and Camden did, but comes up with a
clear "I love you and I miss you."
Can you imagine a richer missionary, rich with a great companion, great
success, great president and wife, and an awesome, huge, multi
generational family that cherishes her and sends their love via the air,
each in their own unique and special way.

Sister Eyre and Sister Pedersen

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Teddy, Scott, & baby Jane said...

Oh it is so fun to read that! I am so happy for cute Charity, I have got to write her a letter. Sure love you guys and your whole, whole family!! Hope to run into you sometime soon! XOXO