Monday, June 30, 2008

That New York Feeling!

`Wow, did we have a great time in New York last week!  It was just a total party with Noah, Eli and Tal frantically trying to finish Noah and Kristi's new bathroom before Kristi returned from her week in Houston.  Noah did indeed accomplish the impossible and got it almost done to surprise her by the time she got home!  I hope they have some pictures of the "before" because it was pretty dismal!  They still have to install the sink and paint but other than that, it's done and beautiful!  It looks at least twice as big!  A big thanks to Tal and Eli for digging out the floor, putting in the bead board, cleaning up and installing the light (sorry about that nice big shock Tal...Eli turned the electricity back on and forgot to tell Tall Tal). Julie helped too and even Dad and I were able to help a little.  That will be a fun memory!

2008-06-24 2008-06-30  New York  501 The Construction Crew!

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  522 2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  521 2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  523

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  524 I should have taken a picture of the entry stone.  No more stepping over the hole!

While the guys were at work, Kristi, Julie, McKay and I went to the Met. They had superhero exhibit that was amazing and a fabulous exhibit on the roof, where I've never been.  What a view! 

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  525

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  535

 2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  537

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  542

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  527  2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  541Shawni and Charity, remember The Three Shades from the Rodin Museum in Paris?  

That night Josh joined us straight from the airport and we went to a new show on Broadway called Jungle Dreams!  It was a wanna be cirque de soleil but the circus acts were truly incredible.  Kind of cheesy costumes and funny story line but absolutely amazing performances!  Because we had back row seats they offered us box seats down at the front and even though part of the stage was obscured they were terrific seats!  Afterward we took a minute to take pics.  We had four of our five sons there (sorry time)and two fabulous daughter in laws! 

2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  543 2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  544 2008-06-26 2008-06-30  New York  546 

That night my phone slipped out of my pocket in the cab home so I'm phoneless for another day until my new purple one arrives (I collect purple things).  Pain!!!

The next day a few of us met at the Bryant Park to hear Frank Sinatra's old pianist play for an hour while we had lunch and then we went on the tram over the East River? and then we Serendipituously walked past Serendiptiy on the way back so Julie and I, who had never been there, dropped off there for a frozen hot chocolate (after an hour and a half wait) while Dad, Josh and Tal went out to take their last look at Yankee Stadium since the Yankees were playing the Mets.   Kristi was recovering from her eight days away from home and being SO pregnant we didn't think she'd want to wander all over town with McKay.

2008-06-27 2008-06-30  New York  548 2008-06-27 2008-06-30  New York  547 2008-06-27 2008-06-30  New York  549


FYI:  You CAN call ahead for reservations for up to six months in advance, but somehow people don't mind waiting for an hour and a half in New York!  It's mystifying!

Well, I forgot to take pictures of Eli and Julie's cute little apartment which is very nice and in a great location.  We stayed with them to stay out of Noah and Kristi's way and had three slumber parties in a row with Dad and I in the bed and Julie and Eli on the futon in the same room.  What great sports they are! 

Amidst all that, Noah needed to be at the Today Show with his Young Men at 6 a.m. to see Cold Play.  Josh and Eli went down too and ended up being on TV which you have probably all seen by now. There is just never a dull moment in New York!

Which brings us to the sudden arrival of our adorable little Flibitygibit this morning after about 3 1/2 hours of labor. HIP HIP HOORAY!  Everything went perfectly and I can so identify with those gorilla monster BOY HOWDY pains that allow that baby to fly into the world after three pushes.  It is indescribably NO fun but SO much better than 29 hours of labor!  We can't wait to see the pictures of that little girl with chubby cheeks! 

We did our first missionary parenting fireside last night and had a good time, although most of those who came were over 70...our adorable loyal ward members.  We did have five non-members so that's a start!  They were terrific!


Shawni said...

Good blogging mumsie. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night.

atec said...

I TRULY appreciate that you said it's SO much better than 29 hours of labor! Thanks, I feel appreciated!

Natalie Carver said...

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I miss you lots! Tell the family hello for us! Hopefully we can see you at Bear Lake.... love ya