Thursday, October 23, 2008

St. George Kids and GOLD!

We had so much fun taking care of the St. George kids, particularly the Looslis while Saren and Jared went off to Mexico for a second honeymoon.  A great time was had by all! Movies, Bajio, McDonalds, school schedules, and just knowing the daily routine of both the Looslis and the energetic Eyres next door was such fun! When Saren and Jared got home we enjoyed the school carnival, the Reflections contest which Aja ran like a pro and not without a lot of time and effort.  We also got to see Les Mis and Big River at Tuacan.  They were both fabulous!  FUN! 

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 022

2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 029 2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 026 2008-10-04 2008-10-05  St George 027

I took the weekend while Dad finished the landscaping and brought the horses up for the winter on Sunday.  The next week was non-stop Senior games.  Dad won the bronze in doubles in tennis, the bronze in the triple jump and Gold in 3 on 3 basketball! They had a lot of fun. They played
in the 55's because one of their guys was 59, but Dad is almost 64 (2 1/2 weeks) and one of the their guys was 68. They were
awesome....especially your DAD! Looslis came for the final but Jonah
and Aja are having a big garage sale today at Teresa's house because she is moving to AZ! They're serious about selling or renting their house so they're selling lots of stuff too. Sure has been fun being close to these two families this week. Aja did the reflections contest which ended at the School Carnival on Thursday night. She did a fabulous job!
Ana won first place for photography, Ashton won first prize for video
(starring his snake and horny toad) and Isaac won 4th place for a
beautiful poem! FUN!
Hope you're all well. We're headed out to meet the boys in Miami in a few hours. Josh is already in Fort Lauderdale looking for a shuttle to Miami where our hotel is. Thanks to you wives for letting your husbands kick up their heels for a week. We'll try to get them all fixed up by the time they return.

2008-10-11 2008-10-10 Senior Games 032

 2008-10-11 2008-10-10 Senior Games 035

2008-10-11 2008-10-10 Senior Games 0362008-10-11 2008-10-10 Senior Games 037

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