Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun Week!

We had a great week!  I love staying in one place (well two places) for a while and getting a thousand things on my million item list that I've been procrastinating done!  After our flood last week, I decided to clear out the storage rooms downstairs that have been bulging with "stuff" for thirty years. It was so fun to get a ton of stuff to the DI, The Assistance League and the garbage!  Saydi, I fulfilled my "give something away" and "clear an area" goals about three hundred fold this week!  Saydi I can't tell you how happy I am to be moving along on this "Resolutionary Challenge"!  I'm tracking my points on a separate sheet because the one you sent has disappeared. I cleared out my files and I guess it got lost in the shuffle.  Anyway, it's just a great way to get things done and keep focused on the things I really should do before I do the things I really want to do (not eat for example...I have lost 7 pounds...only four to go!) 

This weekend was wild and wonderful!   Friday and Saturday was an Ascend Conference at the Swiss Conference Center across from the Homestead and then on Saturday we swished out to Centerville to speak at a Stake Women's Conference for two of our former missionaries who are now grandparents. That always makes me feel weird!  How old are we anyway?  On the way back to Midway we stopped by for most of Jeff's Grandpa's funeral.  Leo Nelson (Nedra's father) was quite a guy!  It was so great to get to know him a little better...and Jeff in the process.  As you can imagine, the music was spectacular and the talks fascinating and uplifting.  Jeff and Karen came over for a few minutes on Saturday night before they shot off to Provo and it was fascinating to catch up with them.  In the process, we discovered that Saydi has a new sit alone with all three kids while Jeff sits on the stand as a new member of the bishopric.  His wonderful knowledge of the good people there and how to care for them will be an enormous blessing to  all!   I've committed Saydi to find a young woman to help.  It would be good for them! 

Sunday morning I got to give the lesson on Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament.  We all tried to feel the reverence of the chapel and start worshipping the minute we step through the doors, but it is SO hard not to meet and greet friends and take care of announcements etc.  The sacrament is such a huge blessing and really worshipping during the actual sacrament gives us a "be still and know that I am" moment.  The promise of having His spirit with us as we remember him throughout the week is incredible! 

Last night Margaret Archibald came by for dinner and a long chat about our history together and where we were going next. It is so fun to pick her brain because she is brilliant and has so many interesting things to say!  They are expecting four babies this year and Ashley is getting married in May.  After waiting forty years for this fun event (to marry a daughter), they are pretty excited! 

We are finally fixing up poor JB Mopeltel.  That ruckety-ruck house is falling apart but Mighty Eric, our great guy who is living in Pig 1 with his equally efficient and darling wife Leo are going to help us. Gustavo, their friend is painting.  It's going to be so fun to give that place a little face-lift, although we're not doing anything major, mostly fixing unseen problems and painting the living room, kitchen and halls! 

Hope you all had a great week too!  Carry on with that Resolutionary Challenge you Eyrealmers!

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