Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine!

Every Valentine's Day my Honey just does a splendid job of asking me to be his valentine. I buy him chocolate and give him hugs but this year I thought I'd better give him a big blog hug because I am so lucky to be his valentine. This week I read that you should never post anything on the Internet that you wouldn't like to see on the front page of a newspaper so I'm posting headlines that I would LOVE to see on the front page of any newspaper! Here are just a few news-worthy events from the life of My Valentine. Keep in mind, this is a summary of just ten days:

Grandfather Loves Making Valentines for His Grandkids...Especially with Lace

Thoughtful Homemade Valentine Expands from Grandchildren to Wife of Forty Years

Richard Eyre Fights for the Family and through an Internet Campaign Organizes "The Scaffolding Coalition"

RME Changes Flight and Drives Nine Hours Through Snow for Funeral of Beloved Extended Family Member

A Great Thinker Humbly Presents Fabulous Plan for Capitalizing on the Importance of the Family to a Church Authority

World Renowned Speaker and His Funny Wife Will Present Ways to Lift the Family at The Family First Conference in Mesa, Arizona.

Best Way to Make a Neighbor a Fast Friend...Invite them for Dessert

Richard Eyre Finds Help for Restoring and Painting Dilapidated House in Salt Lake City

The Importance of Emergency Preparedness is "Brought Home" to Eyres in SLC

Worldwide Speaker Sets Up Network for Speeches for the Coming Year

Love for Movies Shows as Author Attends Two in One Night

Grandfather Stops at Nothing to Research Ways to Fill a Grandchild's Needs

Aid Comes to YPO Families at a Ski Retreat in Utah with Help of Local Author

Author Learns More About Peace and Loving More from New Book by Buddhist Priest

Good Friends from Past YPO Events Dine with Eyres in Their Balinese House

Local Man Loves Singing to Beloved Granddaughter on her Sixth Birthday

Handsome Cross Country Skier, Tennis Player and "Lifter" Confident He will Win the "Resolutionary Challenge".

How lucky am I to be this guy's Valentine? What a life we live...all because of one amazing Valentine. I Love You Honey!

Shawni Media #3


bostonshumways said...

hey, happy valentines day guys! Thanks so much for sending the kids valentines. I love thinking of you two at the kitchen table with glue sticks and construction paper and doilies making home made valentines. You guys are the best. We LOVE YOU!!!

brittanimae said...

Those ARE great headlines! It's fun to catch up with you virtually--man, you keep busy. Hugs from Canada!

Shawni said...

Oh man this makes me miss you even more. I wish it wasn't so crazy this trip, but I can't thank you enough for being here, especially right now, and especially this morning. That was such a big deal for me and I can't tell you how much it means to me. Sure love you guys. Thanks for all the more, home-made valentines, practicing with the kids, laundry done, burgers for lunch, imagination with Claire, Lu observations and a million other things you do to show your love. I love you guys with all my heart.

eyre blog said...

Great post mom!
and I have to say that picture of Chris yawning from a few posts ago is the best picture i have ever seen.