Sunday, March 1, 2009

Edlers New World!

Our great friends the Edlers are moving to Layton!  The dad Matt has a really good job at Hill Air Force Base and is getting up at 4 a.m. to get to work by 7. He is on the road 4 hours a day.  This new apartment has a bus stop outside the door, is a much better neighborhood and the school is two blocks away, shopping three blocks and the church is about a half a block from the back of the the parking lot. Since they don't have a car, I took Elaine and the kids out to see their new apartment and get the kids registered in school. They are such a darling family!  Little Noah claimed that he would like to stay at the school forever after our tour. Their oldest Ammon, (6th grade) is austistic, Noah is eight and has aspergers and Seth, a 5th grader is a straight A student and a fabulous artist. We ate at Cutlers Sandwich shop and you'd think they'd died and gone to heaven!  It was a fun day! 

2009-02-26 2009-02-28  Edlers 4889 

Elaine, Seth, Noah and Ammon

2009-02-26 2009-02-28  Edlers 4892

2009-02-26 2009-02-28  Edlers 4891

Tiny but clean and in a great neighborhood!

That day Elaine also got her dentures fixed for the last time and she is so delighted to be able to smile with teeth!  She can eat and now has the confidence to look for a job!  It was a long time coming, but worth it in the end. Thanks to Dr. Ralph Sorbonne who fitted her for them. Matt LOVES his new computer (the old one from our office that Noah and Eli installed for them at Christmastime). They are on the verge of a new life!  So fun to be able to help just a bit!

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