Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Holidays with the Looslis

Christmas just isn’t that fun without kids! But with them, it’s a full-on festival! We had so much fun with Saren and Jared and their four spectacular kids! Charity was with us so we had our oldest and our youngest daughters too. Kids of all ages!


Even though a huge snow storm was predicted along I15, we managed to make it with only one blizzard for a few miles at the point of the mountain and short squalls along the way! No traffic. Actually a delightful chance to be with Charity!

We arrived on Tuesday evening and had so much fun talking and laughing at the kids funny antics! On Wednesday we went to “Dixie Rock” which was an amazing group of rock formations that we’ve driven past a hundred times and have never stopped to explore. We had five balls of energy, especially two little ones who scared us to death as they flew to the very edge of a precipice here and a drop-off there, in sandals and on tiptoes! Neither can stand flat-footed yet!



The rock formations were incredible! Here’s Isaac with a rock about to drop on his head!


And Eliza, the only Loosli child who can stand still for ten seconds has beome a real child model!



And Charity is teaching her to be a pretty good clown:

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

Speaking of Charity, she, as you know, takes every opportunity to “jump”!



Silas Richard Eyre Loosli is attached at the hip to his Grandfather:



And Oliver adores him too. There’s no going anywhere without those two clinging to his legs!


After an hour of exploring, these guys just settled down for a little “fishing” app on the IPhone.


While Ashton, Isaac and Eliza as well as Charity and Saren never tired of the endless possibilities of this incredible red rock “village”!

That night we went the fifteen minute live nativity Tuacan! It a beautiful crisp night with blazing stars..a perfect opportunity to see live animals and actors depicting “the night of our dear Savior’s birth!”IMG_0069


Oliver didn’t seem to think it was just so perfect here. Must have had to go to the bathroom!


A great time was had by all!


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