Monday, January 18, 2010

Amman: Great for People, Places and the Palette!


This was part of the group that we had lunch with yesterday after a mix-up on where we should meet. The man here was born in Iraq, educated in England and the US and runs several companies out of Iraq now. The woman on the right was born in Amman but found Teaching Your Children Values in Houston while her husband went to school there and has sent several to friends. Amazing! Such stimulating and lovely people!

We had the most fabulous food imaginable with hummus to die for, a mint salad, raw almonds that you peel and barbecued chicken and lamb on skewers. The only draw-back was that people were smoking like banshees, even though they have passed a law against smoking in restaurants. They even have “smoking machines” that they call “hubbely bubblies” It is hilarious to see these people smoking through a tube which is connected to hot coals and can be adjusted to add fruit flavors. It produces huge clouds of smoke! Wild!!!

The hotels are incredible! This is the view from our hotel to the one across the street:


The food is pretty spectacular too! This is rolled sea bass in tomato sauce with egg plant, and roasted red pepper stuffed with mashed potatoes!


The way they serve the bread is pretty spectacular too!



Here is their cute chapter administrator named Luna, who has a one year old baby who is keeping her up all night!

With a small group of about 15, we had a wonderful evening talking about raising responsible kids! Bright parents, some who had spoiled their kids mercilessly as well as one mom who was going home to prepare two of her teenagers to participate in the Model United Nations program…an amazing feat!

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