Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wildest Things We Saw Today

Cows and their friend, a dog, waiting patiently for the shops to open:


A Holy Man (?) at the Hindu Temple


Many more women dunking, slapping and wringing their cloths at the river in full color:



Huge “tickets” complete with detachable post cards for each venue:


Humungous hair growing out of our driver’s ears!


The most horrendous traffic jam ever! Can’t imagine how two tuk tuks and a motorcycle can all pass each other in about an 7 foot span. That ride was unbelievable!  I was sure that we were going to kill approximately 50 different people, including ourselves.


PLUS our tuk tuk’s transmission or clutch or something went out so at one point Tal had to get out and push!


A VERY old tree:


Two Yoga Masters:


Beautiful fruit markets:



A Hindu temple that took 25 years to create:


Rubble, rubble EVERYWHERE!


AND open sewage running down the streets on both sides. There’s no way you can see how nasty this water is!


A gorgeous lily pond at “The Lady’s Garden” a place the royal women went for a little R&R!  It was so incredibly quiet and beautiful…until it was disturbed by Dad!


And a lovely family who were totally overwhelmed by meeting a real basketball player.  Below you will see the 10 year old prize-winning-discus-throwing grandson, his mom and her sister and their mother, the grandmother who is 72 years old and has been married for 55 years. That means that her marriage was arrange when she was 17!




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Sorry....I deleted my first comment due to a spelling error...

I hope you don't mind but I posted about your travels on my blog. I have so enjoyed following your travels and thought my readers might enjoy them too. I'm especially excited to hear about India as my brother and his family (wife and 5 little boys) moved there (to Dubai? Did I even spell that right?) last week for the next 18 months. I hope you don't mind but I also borrowed a picture from your India post for my readers to see. Let me know if any of this bothers you and I will gladly make it all disappear from my blog! :)

Misty Pidcock