Sunday, February 28, 2010

New “Adventures” and New Shoes in India

We’re home and loving it!  Last week we had an unexpected visit from Jonah who had another one of his “grand adventure” weeks. First there was a fire in the jeep he just totally overhauled and sold to a guy who was driving it across the country and then an accident that involved totaling two cars that he was driving (driving one and towing one) from Washington to St. George for a friend. He hit some ice on a bridge and hit both sides of the bridge and almost went over the edge onto a busy freeway beneath before walking away unscathed (all within 24 hours)!  That guy’s guardian angel is on duty 24/7!   Gratefully he walked away feeling only a bump here and there but has now come down with that pinched sciatic nerve in his back again. That good bed is going to take care of that right Jonah? Aja?  

Anyway, he showed up at our house having totally serendiptiously gotten a ride to SL with Jared’s brother who just happened to be driving home from Boise with his wife and was just passing through Burley where the accident happened (angel duty again)!  I hope Jonah will post details on all this on their own blog because it is a pretty amazing story!

We loved having him here for 24 hours before we jumped in the car to travel to St. George where we had a mini-reunion with the Loosli Family AND the Shumway family who were spending some of their vacation time there.  What fun that was!  We went to the sandunes, had great food together, walked the neighborhood, had a sisters plus mom and dad lunch and skyped with Shawni who was kiling herself to get there too until we finally made her give up! 

Can you believe that I neglected to take even ONE picture???  I guess I was all pictured out from that big trip! 

So for some great entertainment, take a look at this cute video of the kids at Rising Star Outreach getting new shoes provided by a generous donor!  It is so fun to see so many adorable faces that we recognize, not the least of which is our darling Charity!  She left there this weekend with her wonderful friends having made some amazing memories and providing so much TLC and a fabulously spectacular carnival for the kids!  Pictures soon coming I’m sure on their blog which is  There are also great pictures and info on Tal and Anita’s blog. They are doing great things there until mid-April. Take a look at All Eyrealm members have this info so this is for you guys who might or might not be related but who have been following along!

To see this fun video done by Rachel Denning, the mom of one of the families in residence at Rising Star Outreach, click here:


Unknown said...

Wao what a very beautiful group photo. thanks for sharing us.

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Steele Hendershot said...

We miss Charity, Dani and Sara already. They need to come back! Thank you so much for the book...I already read it. It was a fun easy read. Anita just gave me the book Mother of a hundred sons and I am excited to start that. My mother just left yesterday and we had a wonderful time...we managed to slip away a few times and I got caught up on my sleep. I am ready to roll again! Thanks for all you do and in case you didn't know WE Love Tal and Anita!!!