Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crammed days!

I just spent two and a half days cramming in fun with the Pothiers and Josh.  At the moment I’m on my way home, flying over the Grand Canyon and mountains full snow since it was the snowiest year in a long time in Northern AZ and Southern Utah.

It seems impossible that so much can be packed into just about 60 hours, but it happened! As soon as I arrived we stopped by antique shops and a fabric shop to finsih some projects at the Pothier home. Dinner, car pools and lots of fun conversation followed. 

Shawni happened to know several moms who are actively involved in American Mothers so the next morning they held a meeting at Poppies, a boutique store in Mesa where Shawni and I got to talk about some “secrets”  and meet a lot of amazing women!

2010-03-05 Visions Walk and Pothers 1553

Every one in this picture squeezed in a moment to stop by as one was flying out in an hour, another was having a wedding at her home that evening, just recovered from massive brain surgery! Aren’t mothers amazing? 

2010-03-05 Visions Walk and Pothers 1554

This Pothier family is at the age where everyone is involved in everything! 

Max is done with a triumphant basketball season and is trying out football, pads and all!  He is doing great on piano and was mowing the neighbor’s lawn as I left.

Elle wakes us up every morning at 6:45 a.m. practicing the piano, is getting really good and is also playing violin in the school orchestra. In addition she is a terrific soccer player, has an unbelievable swing in her tennis lessons and has Achievement Days. Here she is with her friends who are on their way to school with their posters about the dangers of pollution! it also happened to be crazy hat day!

2010-03-05 Visions Walk and Pothers 1550

Grace is also a terrific tennis player and it was fun to not only see her at practice but to be at her soccer game.  She and Claire are taking gymnastics and can do incredible back flips (Grace) and cartwheels and round offs (Claire). Grace is teaching Claire piano lessons.

As though that’s not enough busyness,  Grace and Claire did their part to help raise money for the Vision Walk with a homemade lemonade stand! While they were doing this, Elle and her friend who had made cookies were going door to door selling those famous Pothier cookies for the Foundation Fighting Blindness!

2010-03-05 Visions Walk and Pothers 1555

Grace and Claire are taking gymnastics and can do back flips, cartwheels and round offs like nobody’s business! 

In addition to all that, Lucy has moved to a “big girl bed” (as of last night).  Grace is sleeping in a double bed in Lucy’s room and Lucy and Claire are sleeping in the twin beds next door. Everyone’s crossing their fingers that that’s going to work!

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1585

The main reason for my coming was to participate in the Vision Walk sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  There were about 550 people there and they raised about $80,000 dollars!  Shawni and I were happy to donate funds from our book royalties and a great time was had be all!  Claudia even came and it was fun to catch up with her and walk with she and her girls!

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1564   

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1561

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1571

Lucy walked for the first bit and then spent the rest of the time in her position as “Queen” in this jogger stroller with her darling friend!

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1578

The 5 K was complete with balloons at the start, blow up “jumping deals” and food and water before we began!

2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1565

Lucy was right there with the best of them!  There were many other family and friends walking for their own child’s special issues and it was a really terrific experience!

On Friday night Josh took me to one of the most terrific concerts I’ve seen in a long time.  I was blown away by arrangements of Easter songs at the Mesa Fine Arts Concert Hall.  It was a local Mormon choir with four different age groups, an enormous orchestra and some of the cutest little kids singing a fun arrangement of “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree” that you can imagine!  One of Josh’s students was in the group and it was just astounding with about 500 people performing for a sold out crowd!  One of Josh’s outstanding kids was in the choir!

Saturday also just happened to be one of the biggest school days of the year for Josh as his school was holding their big annual carnival!  Josh was right in thick of it by the time we got there with his class’s bowling booth and photographing the pie eating contest. Since being photographed is not his favorite thing, this isn’t a great picture but you’ll get the idea! There must have been a thousand people there! Note the bright sun! It was 75 degrees! 


2010-03-06 Visions Walk and Pothers 1583

Next we ran straight to Grace’s soccer game where we got to see her participate in her undefeated team.  Wish I’d thought to take a picture of that but it will undoubtedly show up on Shawni’s blog (

Somehow we squeezed in a doctor appointment for Claire with a homeopathic doctor who gave Shawni some good suggestions for Claire’s continual Urinary Tract Infections which included taking her off dairy products.  Just what Shawni needs….one more thing to juggle! That plus two kids who needed to be at birthday parties 

How we got all that smashed in is baffling, but Shawni does something similar almost every day!  We are so “well pleased” with the good things all our kids and grandkids are involved in. Roughly paraphrased, here is quote i heard in church that matches pretty well with the busyness of everyone in Eyrealm’s lives right now:  “Being perfect is one thing but maybe it’s more important to just get it done!”  Pearl Buck


Anita and Tal said...

We loved this update because we MISS those Pothiers and were starved for more info on their lives! Thank You!

Eli said...

wow mom! You are one awesome Grammy! I am sure those kids were so excited to have you there at everything. Love you! Eli

Shawni said...

Oh Mom, it was SO fun to have you here. We miss you!!! Love you.