Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

First things first!  We arrived at Noah and Kristi's late at night and got up early in the morning to catch a ferry on 35th street that took us straight to New Jersey for Rick's annual grass tennis tournament at the Sea Bright Lawn, Tennis and Cricket Club. 

The ride was spectacular!  

The tennis club was straight out of the 1800's! Everyone had to wear pure white, including white collared tee shirts. Last year his shorts were cream and a great guy ran home and got him some shorts of his own so he could play.   



 Dad was so excited and was truly a champion, but because he hasn't played on grass (which is a totally different game) since last year and the guy he played plays all year on grass, he lost 7-5 6-4. I was so relieved because we couldn't go back another day! 

What a guy! 

Can you believe these tennis costumes?  There were so many windows in the room that it looks as though some are actually playing in the room!  Funny!  

It was a day to remember! 

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charity eyre wright said...

mom, nice job on the picture collage! i am really impressed! love you!!!