Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Week!

From having a fun time at TOFW at the Salt Palace on Saturday….

To helping Saren and Jared with the big move to Ogden (after their struggling through a horrendous snow storm from St. George with the mini-van and the big moving van stuffed to the hilt)…

In the midst of the move, Saren even found time to meet me at KSL Radio to do a radio show with Amanda Dixon.  Two of the women on the show had canceled so she was delighted to have Saren and got her signed up to be a regular on the show from now on.  I can't believe she made it despite all that was going on with the move. She did a great job and is truly amazing!

Here comes Grandma’s piano coming up the sidewalk! 


We were there three time during the move and would you believe that these are the only three pictures that I took of that beautiful new house?  It is just an amazing house!  Lenna who came to see it with Jess, sat down and played the Maple Leaf Rag on our old piano and it took me right back to high school when she first started playing that song which won her the first runner up ispot in the Miss Idaho pageant!
We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Jesse Hirschi (of Jesse and LaRue and Jesse and Ruby).  He was so worried about his oldest son Jack who had just had major surgery due to cancer when they took out a kidney and found spots on his lungs!  LaRue also died of cancer and her mother as well. Jesse was so worried and we were glad that he now lives so close to Saren in North Ogden so we can visit!
He is almost blind but uses this amazing machine the helps him to read almost anything. Here is a picture of him on his machine from his high school yearbook!
And this is his favorite picture of he and LaRue when they were dating, changing a tire.  They got married and he left for the World War II the day before Jack, his oldest son, was born and was gone for two and a half years!

Jack is holding his own, Jesse was in good spirits and we have promised to go back and see his album of pictures that I’m so excited to see! Jess will be 90 in July and has a perfect mind and a positive mental attitude that is just amazing!
The next morning we left Park City where it was 6 below zero to sunny, warm AZ and a terrific Thanksgiving dinner!

i IMG_4377

That night we were among the 82 people who showed up at Bob and Marva’s house for pie! It was so fun to rub shoulders with so many of this outstanding family!  We are so blessed to be connected!

What a fun week!  More fun with the Pothiers in the next post!

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Jonah and Aja said...

i am always amazed at how you actually get any pictures of ANYTHING. since you are always helping out and seldom stand still for more than a few seconds. perhaps thats part of the reason you are in such good shape. i gave charity a little shoulder rub when she was here and she's got nothing on you.