Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Music and A New House

Now that all of our kids have graduated from college, it's a real pleasure to be able to go back once in a while and experience the college scene. In this case it was a recital for cute Rennie who is absolutely amazing in her string quartet at the U!  The professionalism of the students it absolutely astounding!  It was fun to have Grandma and Kevan as well as Tenille and Michelle and her husband. Rennie is dating someone but...ta da...putting in her papers for a mission!  Here is a shot of the quartet and some of their family members!

Rennie played second violin on a Mozart piece and first on a Schumann quintet (with piano) that was absolutely stunning!  The piano player (in the scarf) was simply amazing!

Kevan sure loves his kids!

Last night I went out to help Saren unload almost the last of the boxes. They've got shelves, closet rods, shower curtains and soon..... curtains. It was late before I thought to take pictures so these pictures are a bit dark and the kids had gone to bed but this house is just amazing! They are going to love it!

                                        Just look at the carving on the front entry stairway!

                                                                          Dining Room

                                       Good ol' wardrobe purchased in England fits perfectly!

   Living Room


                                                                  Exciting new office. 

                                                    Original Door knob and door from 1896!

Small but dynamic kitchen

Beautiful colors and beautiful people! 

Pretty exciting! Isn't this beautiful?  Saren will be sending better pictures soon. 
Keep in mind that there are three more floors to cover!
Next time I'll take pictures of the outside. That's pretty cool too!

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