Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narnia and a Senior Recital


When you’re C.S. Lewis fans like we are, you just have to have to see the latest Narnia movie as soon as possible!  Of course it’s more fun to go with some grandkids, their mom and a grandma (although Grandma immediately took off her 3D glasses and held her hands over her ears the entire two hours because it was too loud)!

Dad spent the two days previous re-reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader so he could remind me of the symbolism which made it so much more interesting for me! So to Ogden we did go in order to find the grandkids and to meet up with Grandma. Everyone had a great time…with the exception maybe of Grandma who is very confused at 88 and said that at the beginning of the movie someone (I have to admit it was me) handed her a pair of glasses so she could hear. She was actually pretty amused by that…as were we!  We highly recommend it …. kids, grandma and all! 


We hurried back to Salt Lake after the movie for Serenity Eyre’s Senior recital!  She was magnificent playing Beethoven, Back and Frank, all of which were exceedingly difficult  What she has accomplished is absolutely unbelievable.

Not only is she an accomplished violinist with an incredible ability to perform but she also has put herself through the University music program, paid for her own lessons and accompanists and has done it all with such great poise and grace!  That is one amazing woman!  She says she’s putting in her papers for her mission soon!  And Howie is also amazing!  Suddenly he’s a man…as well as a great kid!

This picture has special significance because Grandma has just told Rennie that the violin she has been playing (which Grandma purchased years ago) and which she has practiced on at least a million hours was now officially Rennie’s!  She was thrilled and SO deserves that great blessing!

We also need to congratulate Rennie’s mom Michelle, not only for sitting by that girl for thousands of hours of lessons and practices when she was little, but also for accomplishing the last of the “refreshments after recital” runs. It’s not just cookies and punch either, it’s everything yummy and beautiful carried up three flights of stairs at Gardner Hall.  She must have done that at least a hundred times in her life!

Ah music is a wonderful thing and will stand this great young woman in good stead for the rest of her life!  Getting up at 3:30 a.m. for most of her high school years (as well as a lot of her childhood) in order to do a paper route with her dad paid off in what she learned about dedication, valiance and true grit! Congratulations Rennie!

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