Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dancing with the Stars!

We had so much fun in Logan last week!  First we watched BYU beat San Diego over dinner at a restaurant near Sheri and Lynn’s house with Grandma Ruthie, Kevan and Sheri and Lynn. Then we went to Sheri and Lynn’s house for a dance lesson in their beautiful dance studio in their home. 

These pictures will mean a lot to you Eyrealmers knowing that Grandma is going through a difficult time in her life as she waits for Dean to come and get her. Sheri has also been struggling with losing her job and Lynn has been a hero in trying to keep her spirits up. 

The pictures will say it all. This is the first time we’ve seen Grandma and Sheri smile in a long time!


Rick is just a tad overdressed because he’d just come from a meeting at the church office building but it was perfect for the occasion.

Here’s a pretty dynamic duo too:





To see Grandma dancing with Lynn, who are both excellent dancers, was a real joy!




I was so grateful for what Rick learned. He just needed a couple of pointers from Lynn to be a really good dancer (well we could use a little practice too)! It was a grand evening…dancing with these stars!


I have some great videos which I can’t figure out how to get a link to or put on Youtube. Where are your kids when you need them????

Kevan is going to take Grandma down to the dance studio once a week for additional fun. Great idea Rick and Kevan! 

On Valentine’s Day we are looking forward to going to “The Music Man” with all these good folks at the Eccles Theatre in Logan. Hooray for music!

Addition one week later: eating (at the Texas Roadhouse) and dancing (in Sheri and Lynn’s studio) again. Sheri’s smiling bigger. Lynn and Sheri are great dancer and Lynn is one terrific dance instructor!




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Johanna Markworth said...

I love to peak in on your blog. You have such a darling family and I think you all are amazing! I also love to get a glimpse of "Mrs. Eyre" as she was my teacher at the Joy School. I can still remember playing there on the big steps! I sent my twin boys there last year, and they loved it! "Oh boy, I've got joy..." I have fond memories of her and the Joy School!