Saturday, February 19, 2011

California Dreamin’

We are getting  a bit addicted to California lately! After we left Charity in San Francisco, we rented a car and drove down the Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, something we have been saying we we’ve wanted to do for a long time!

It was a spectacular drive!









We arrived near Ladera Ranch late that night and the next morning we could hardly wait to get to Noah and Kristi’s house.  They were in Hawaii with Imagine Learning and the kids were being tended for the week by Kristi’s darling mom Susan and her sister Laurie.


When we got there Lyla was decked out with her gorgeous new tutu from her grandmother. Luckily there was only one as she usually piles those dress-ups on, one after the other!  She made up for it though when she showed us her new Dora panty package and dawned all seven pair in a blink!


It was SO fun to surprise McKay as he came out of the school from Kindergarten. That kids just keep us laughing!


Then it was on to a speaking event which we enjoyed so much! We had a fun evening event in a children’s activity place and then a morning meeting with the moms. 

We were at the Island Hotel at Newport Beach which we discovered is very close to Balboa Island where we had never been.  It was purely heaven to see green again and enjoy the gorgeous flowers, blooming like it’s summer in the middle of the winter.





Viva California! 

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richard said...

You are the BEST
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