Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun! Fun! Fun!

We have had so much fun the past couple of weeks!

We did another segment on Mormon Times with Kathy Aiken…


Our dear friends and neighbors (former bishop and stake president) are leaving for a mission to Johannesburg South Africa and our neighborhood gave them a royal send-off….


Father’s Day was celebrated with this adorable Loosli family who showed up with grand cards and messages and even a cute wind sock for the GRAND father! (Isaac seems to be especially delighted?)




Charity came home (for a few hours until she left again).  First stop….The Dodo!




The reunion is rumbling!  Noah and Kristi showed up with their little crew a few days early for a wedding. We LOVED having them with us at church yesterday. For some reason these kids ADORE their grandfather!




We had several speeches over the weekend, including one in my hometown of Montpelier, Idaho at the historic Tabernacle there…where I graduated from high school, performed as “the Fiddler” at Fiddler on the Roof and have so many memories of Stake Conferences there.


It was truly a joy to see so many dear friends and relatives!  Shirley and Neil Harris were there as well as Shirley’s mom Marlene who is my first cousin….long history with these talented people!



And our lifelong friends Cub and Bonnie Wolff and Bernard and Vicki Sparks were there to support us, although they already know everything there is to know about parenting!  They are terrific!




Now we’re at Bear Lake where we are working little tails off for the second time this week to get everything (four houses and eight flower beds, boats and cars among other things) ready for the reunion. People will flood in this week and by July 6th all 39 of us will be together at our favorite spot on earth!  The excitement builds!

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bostonshumways said...

oh, love seeing those old friends on there. and the dodo picture made my mouth water. Can't wait to see yoU!