Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green and Blue

Life is good! Busy. Complicated. But Good! 

It’s finally spring where we live. It’s so heavenly to walk out the door and not cringe with cold or step in the mud! So fabulous to see GREEN again…plus sunshine AND they’ve finally fixed the road!  For those of you have driven our development road in the past few months, this will mean a lot!




The waterfall is ready to go!



The path to the horse barn is finished. It is pure heaven to look out the windows in every direction!




This week we had the opportunity to take sweet Grandma and valiant Sheri to Bear Lake. They were a little BLUE because it’s hard for either of them to be away from home, but we stopped at the creamery for Aggie Ice Cream and had dinner at Cafe Sabor in Garden City so that softened the blow.




At the top of the Bear Lake overlook driving from Logan to Bear lake, they have recently placed a tribute to Grandma Ruthie’s oldest sister Mae Swenson who is a world renowed poet!  The marker has a a poem that May wrote from that very spot.  The sun was so strong that it was impossible to snap a picture of the poem straight on. I hope you can read this. It’s delightful!




It was so fascinating that the gorgeous BLUE lake and brilliant BLUE sky looked exactly as Mae described it in the poem as we stood there reading it at the overlook. 



Here’s the Olive-sided Flycatcher referred to in the poem which is also on the marker.




May Swenson:



After an eventful night at Bear Lake, I rushed back to be with Saren and April at their fun Power of Moms retreat at a beautiful home in Centerville. These mothers were anything but GREEN! They were bright, deliberate mothers who know how to make family life exciting and to stay centered while they’re at it. They came with gaggles of great ideas and everybody left inspired! These are a few who stayed to the very end. Sorry to whomever I cut off on the right. Darn!



Speaking of dynamic people, I had the fun chance to say good bye to a dear friend who is going to serve our church in Chili for the next 1-5 years.  Here are about half of the dozen or so who gathered to say farewell. They are some of the most amazing women on earth and have been true BLUE friends for more years than we wanted to count!  Aren’t they beautiful?



Life is truly good…most days!


Sees-the-day said...

I LOVE your house and it is great to see objects collected from around the world in it. You are incredible people. LOVE you both

aubrey said...

looks like it will be a beautiful summer up in timberline! I can't wait to see you guys up at bear lake!

Jonah and Aja said...

i love you mom. it is great to see your photos.

Shawni said...

Love it, Mother Dear