Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Blessing

There’s nothing quite like a baby blessing at Bear lake. I love the excitement in the air, the aunts, uncles and cousins all anticipating an once-in-a-lifetime event…at least for that particular baby. This year on the last day and the last hour of our “official” reunion our good son Jonah Jacobson Eyre pronounce a blessing on his darling baby girl: Poem Therese Eyre. 




The cousins, aunts and uncles were as excited as the parents!



This year the blessing was given on the deck of the Lighthouse. Can you imagine the power that was present as all these wonderful men joined in the blessing of this little baby?


The short guy on the end is our beloved Dr. Wolff who lives in Montpelier and has bailed us all out more times than we can count with almost every imaginable malady. Everyone calls from all acrtoss the country whenever there is a health emergency. They all have their own doctors but trust Cub’s wisdom more!  We all LOVE “CUB”! 

This little girl is going to have an incredible life. Her Dad, Jonah, reminded us that the book of Jonah is a poem. Perfect name for a child whose family is also a poem. A pretty amazing poem at that!

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Mindy said...

I'm so glad your blog isn't private. You are wonderful examples of how I want my extended family to be someday. Thanks for sharing! :)