Friday, October 7, 2011

As Predicted…. But Not Ready!


I want SUMMER back! Give me that luscious warm sun on the balcony to read a book by!  (Check out the ice on that “rain drain”)


After all our TLC, this is what our poor little flowers get for giving us three months of color and light!



Shucks!  I’m just going to remember that I LOVE winter….for three weeks! Nine months? We’re going to have to look at joining Jonah and Aja in Hawaii! 


Sees-the-day said...

oh no. i hope that it doesn't snow when I come to see you next month. We spent the last three days at the beach here. Such great weather. I too am not ready for the cold. xoxo

Shawni said...

I cannot believe that!!! Crazy!