Thursday, November 24, 2011


(Dad says that my new phone takes better pictures than my little point and shoot. I must beg to differ. sorry about the blur and pretty bad lighting…which of course is the fault of the camera :))

It was over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we went. We spent Thanksgiving in Logan with Grandma Ruthie, who is uncomfortable with travel and whose kitchen is way too small for a Thanksgiving dinner for 22 people. SO we had a lovely feast at a restaurant in Logan called Hamilton’s. It was fun to first relax at Grandma’s house with Chris and Hedy, then Rawlin and Karen along with Patrick and Elizabeth and two of her friends from her choir. Next came Saren and Jared and their little crew as well as Howie who Kevan retrieved from Bear Lake. Sheri and Lynn met us at the restaurant and we ate like kings!

It was a perfectly lovely day! After the Loosli kids showed their prolific “thankful lists” to Grandfather, they sang songs from their Joy School days for Grandma…..



And she sang every word with them…


And then claimed that she didn’t recognize those songs. Sweet Grandma!

It was so great to be with our dear brothers and sisters-in-law!



Patrick donated his tree to Grandma’s living room and Grandma enjoyed watching the decorating.





Dinner was spectacular as they come even though we missed the smells as the feast cooks. But it was kind of nice to trade the smells for a nice dinner that you didn’t have to shop for, cook and clean up after.






Eliza and I took a little trip to the dessert buffet.  Divine!


IMG_0114 IMG_0117


Lovely fire and atmosphere…



Kevan and his new friend Toa from China (who Kevan claims is the best ski student he’s ever had).


A great time was had by all!




Of course, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a movie. This year…Arthur Christmas in 3D, which everyone thought was terrific!


And of course, Grandfather couldn’t resist kidnapping the kids for some Ben and Jerry’s at our cute little hotel room.


Thanksgiving was a feast of gratitude for the plethora of blessings including our dear friends and relatives gathered in Logan. 


Jonah and Aja said...

love you mom. have pig give you a little lesson with your iphone camera over the phone and you will be better with that thing than any other camera. still, i loved seeing the photos.

Mike and Trina Peck said...

Hi Linda, have you gotten my last 2 e-mails, I am sure you get many (too many) and may have missed them. I enjoy your blog very much as it let's me keep up with you guys. Busy, busy, busy! You are all amazing!