Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun with our Lovable and Eccentric Dad

I have to admit that it’s pretty darn fun living with Dad…most days!  I was quite mad at him a few days ago (you don’t want to know the details) but I got over it.

Now that we’re empty nesters it’s so easy to come and go as we please.  No offense to you kids while you were home. That was fun too, but this is different fun!

Last week we got to speak to an auditorium full of wonderful MBA students and their wives at BYU. They were a lively group with lots of great questions. These are the “leftovers” after everybody else left. Why are there no dads there?  They were picking up their kids from the sixty-kid nursery manned by a single’s ward held in the next building!  This was an organizational feat accomplished by the cute mom in the purple on the right!



We also went to the symphony to hear Beethoven’s Pastorale Symphony, some great stuff by Wagner and absolutely the most astounding 22 minute percussionist accompanied by the symphony that you can possibly imagine!  I would have died to have you all there!




We’ve never been so close to the chandeliers!


For the first time since our temporary move downtown we heard a fabulous performance of Music and The Spoken Word on Sunday morning. Dad was embarrassed to have his picture taken with his hero Mac Wilberg with his back turned to us, but it proves that we were there!


Just a reminder to those who know and love him…Dad is just a bit on the eccentric side.  He has recently decided that he just can’t get enough Cauliflower!


And he never pays much attention to where he is running!


He changes his mind at least 12 times a day and has new ideas pouring out of his head like water over Niagara Falls but he sure is fun to live with! 

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Shawni said...

Oh I sure love that dad too. He's the best.