Thursday, November 10, 2011

At Home With The Pothiers

Being in the Pothier home is like being in a whilrwind!  It took me back to the old days when every minute is crammed to overflowing with piano lessons, dance lessons, sports practices, endless projects and young men and young women activities. There is just never a dull moment.

There are so many things to smile about….

A sign on the girl’s bedroom door:


Scripture reminders on the chalkboard at the top of the stairs….


And reams of paper filled up daily by Lucy who copiously copies words endlessly with undying concentration from the Ipad….

Can you believe alligator and astronaut??? That girl sounds things out and is beginning to read!

IMG_8148 IMG_8105



There are also lots of reminders of what is important in the Pothier house….



AND THE TEMPLE (photograph on canvas by Shawni)



IMG_8160 IMG_8150


Elle has taken up bouncing her volleyball so that Grace can stay exactly on the beat while she practices.


And kids coming and going to dance lessons, tennis lessons and soccer games. Phone calls and continual texting by Shawni to organize the coming Young Women activity, completing and sending off a blog post for Time Out for Women and squeezing in her own blog post for the day (

There are also reminders on the walls of how quickly time flies as these two first babies are now teenagers!



And important snapshots of moments in the Pothier history that they want to remember!


After school “snacks” abound. This is Max’s first stack of Eggos and sausages…the second comes immediately afterward.   


Home wouldn’t be home in a house full of little kids without teeth falling out. Claire lost TWO (top and bottom) in one day! They have been hanging by a thread and literally fell out all at within minutes of each other!



And there always a way to cram in a visit to Josh’s school (more on that later) and to make a quick stop at Costco and In and Out as well as the sale at Old Navy.





That’s about a tenth of what happens in a day at the Pothier Home. Yup, it’s a whirlwind but it was so fun to get caught up in the storm for a few days! 

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