Monday, March 5, 2012

Beloved Homes for Sale

Suddenly both Saren and Jared and Richard and Linda are selling their homes. The Loosli’s have moved to Ogden and are selling their beautiful home in a prime spot at The Cliffs at the mouth of Snow Canyon in St. George. For a look at this amazing house go to

As mentioned a few posts ago, we have moved out of our family home of 36 years and though several people have shown interest without families, we have decided that we really need to get it in the hands of a loving family who can continue to enjoy it as we did. It is in Salt Lake just above Hogle Zoo and is within 20 minutes of downtown and 5 minutes from Foothill Village. Also a hop skip and a jump to the U of U.  Owner financing and rental provisions may be possible if we can find a good family to “take the reigns” and make some new memories in this beloved home. 

To take a look go to


Tara said...

I know the perfect family! Their names are the vonNiederhausern's and they just moved to a rental in Bountiful while they are looking for a home around the Salt Lake area. They have started 2 non-profits: Global Neighbor and Family Humanitarian which is a non-profit for families to go on service expeditions. They are an awesome family! They have 4 kids and are looking for a home in that area,but I don't think they could ever pay the price you are looking for.

Linda said...

Hi Tara,
Tell me how to reach this family and we will have a chat with them to see if this would work
Richard Eyre

Tara said...

You guys would love them! Rachel's cell is 435-512-4987 and her email is

Rachel von said...
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Rachel von said...

Thank you so much for contacting us on Friday to tell us more about your home. Steve and I drove by it on Saturday and love the area and the home so much! It brought back a lot of memories of going to my Uncle Brad's house that is just around the corner like you said. What a wonderful place to have raised your family. Thank you for being an inspiration to our family and we are glad to have made a connection with you.

Warmest blessings,
Rachel von Niederhausern

Unknown said...

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