Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jonah and Aja are Growing Stellar Kids!

We had the pleasure while we were in Maui of jumping into the every day routine of that fun family! It’s a great way to bond and learn what the kids love as well as a few things they don’t like too! 

Aniston is already an extraordinary entrepreneur and has about a thousand dollars in her bank account from money she has earned.herself. She’s also an awesome little dancer! We loved attending her dance class!


Camden is positively “cool” and all his friends flock to him like bees to honey! It was so fun to walk he and Elsie to school every day and to be at the Cub Scout Court of Honor. It was Jonah’s first time as the leader of the Webelos and Cam’s first time doing the flag ceremony.




Jonah even wore his scout shirt that he had when he was an Eagle scout. Too bad that there they have band extenders! It was pretty snug! Don’t’ you think he looks adorable?


We even got to go to Ana and Cam’s swim meet on Saturday. Ana got first place in one of her races and Cam got second in one of his. They are little fish!



Cute Elsie is the dress-up princess and an amazing little chatterbox with an incredible imagina


Here’s her unique little Santa Claus outfit, figured out totally on her own!


And Po is the apple of everyone’s eye. She is adored by everyone who sees her! She spends a lot of time watching “Nacho Libre” which we had never heard of until we embraced the “Life of Po”! Something about it is just endlessly fascinating to her and she even laughs at the right places when she’s watching by herself!


They’re raise pretty cute cats like Leo. (Photo by Aniston)


They are one delightful family!

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