Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Sad Death and Memorial Day Weekend at the Cemetery

One of my dear friends from high school just lost her fourth sibling in two years to cancer (all different kinds). Of the ten children in the family, only six siblings are left. This passing was especially difficult because wonderful Wilma Crane was a picture of health six weeks ago. A stellar school teacher from West Valley,Utah who made a difference in hundreds of little children’s lives and had run six marathons. She had quit her job for three years several years ago to come home and take care of her dying mother and now it was her turn. She was dearly beloved by all who knew her.

Determined to fight her lung cancer when she was diagnosed six weeks ago, she was told about a month later that it was terminal and and she had only a few days to live. She went back to the family home to die and as she stepped into the door she commented with her usual wry sense of humor, “Change of Plans”!  About ten days later she succumbed at 69.

She never married but she had 56 nieces and nephews. Each was sure that they were her favorite.  Surrounded by almost 300 living relatives she must have rejoiced form heaven at the funeral which she carefully planned. It was certainly a celebration of a wonderful life. We all left inspired to do better and be better!

Her siblings and their spouses are pictured in this very blurry picture taken before their parents died:



It was a sad day to lose someone I admired so much but a glad day too that she would be rejoicing with all those she loved who had gone before her. Bittersweet!

On the way to the funeral up at Bear Lake I stopped by the cemetery to leave some flowers where my Aunt Wanda was buried in Fish Haven Idaho and where my darling parents are buried in Bloomington, Idaho along with a plethora of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s always great on Memorial Day to think of, not only those who gave their lives for our country but those who sacrificed so much for us before they left this world to us. 


We are talking care of Rick’s mother Ruth this week while his brother who is her main caretaker is on vacation. Sadly she has one foot on each side of the grave and is dying to die.  That post coming next.

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