Monday, June 3, 2013


How can it be?  Our oldest grandchild, Max David Pothier just turned 16!  He’s gone from this fun first driving experience at 2 1/2 with Elle at the wheel, although I must say that neither is paying much attention to road….


… the real deal. Just look at that concentration! I think he’s going to be okay taking off on his own!  I hope. Even with a car full of kids, keep that concentration on the road going okay Max?


Max is suddenly 6’5’ and about 200 pounds. He’s going to be a star on the volleyball team next year. No doubt about it. He loves it and they love him. His team at Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona just won the state championship for Arizona in volleyball. Most of the varsity players were seniors. But they’re moving out…Max is moving in!

Just look at that kid (#23) spiking the ball over the net


Since this picture a few months ago, Max has grown taller than his grandfather. Imagine!


Here he is with his mom and dad. His mom is six feet tall (or 5’12” as she likes to call it) and his dad is 6’3”. What happened? Before you know it, he’ll be up looking across at his uncle, tall Tal who is 6’9”!


Here’s his little sister Lucy’s rendition of her adored big brother!


The very best thing about Max is that is heart is as big as he is! His four little sisters think he’s the greatest thing since peanut butter. He’s a great worker and has been moving lawns since he was about 10.

Max’s stature matches his spirit as well. He keeps the scriptures by his bed and reads them faithfully without being reminded. Last year he finished his Eagle Project with a magnificent service project in India. For details and fun photos click here.

A truly remarkable young man turned 16 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX. Thanks for being such a rock star as our oldest grandson and a excellent example  of goodness to your 23 younger cousins on the Eyre side and lots more than that on the Pothier side.

Grundles of love to a grand guy inside and out! We hope you have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! 

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Shawni said...

Oh mom you're so sweet, I'll share this with Max right now. Love you.