Monday, September 16, 2013

James Taylor, State Fair and Comic-con

What a stupendous weekend we had last week! Because Saren and Jared’s Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary fell on September 8th, we had the fun chance to take care of their" “Fabulous Five” kids for a couple of days. They are a raucous bunch of fun kids!

Their oldest, awesome Ashton and I had the opportunity to go to the Tanner Gift of Music Concert at the Conference Center where James Taylor thrilled an audience of 21,000 along with the Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony. Ashton may have been the youngest person there, but it was such a joy to spend some one-on-one time with that very creative and gifted young man. I loved every minute. He seemed to like it a lot too, especially since he is a guitar player himself! Note that this cute guy is now taller than his grandmother! 


Meanwhile, Grandfather took the other four kids to the State Fair. The twins absolutely adore him and Isaac and Eliza think he’s pretty cool too!  The kids had a great time. Although carnival rides aren’t his favorite, Grandfather enjoyed himself watching the kids’ delight!

The twins with their new buddy….


Eliza on the Ferris Wheel….


It was also an enormous Comic-con convention in downtown. Characters from the comics (and movies) saturated the streets of Salt Lake City.  Below see Gandalff with Silas!  You just never knew who you’re going to run into on the street! It was as least as fun as Halloween!


We had such fun with the kids at our home in Park City, including pulling a few weeds  (which is always fun for me), riding horses and making the first pumpkin cookies of the season! We also loved going to a wonderful event in Bountiful called Kisses for Cami. Cami is my sister’s little grand daughter who has just had a relapse of leukemia and has a truly remarkable story.

Isaac and Eliza loved being part of this incredible event for this irrepressible little girl!


Post on that stellar event as well as the media coverage coming next!


Unknown said...

So fun to see what happened while the kids were with you. Thanks for making our anniversary weekend possible while showing the kids the time of their lives and for always being the best grandparents ever!

Susie Delozier said...

Linda: My granddaughter, Eliza Smith sang at Kisses For Cami. We were unable to attend but heard it was wonderful and well attended. Our prayers are with that little girl and her family.