Friday, October 4, 2013

Life and Death in Eyrealm

After a beautiful blessing given by her four loving sons in her living room on Monday night, our beloved Grandma Ruthie, age 91, finally passed away yesterday to reunite with her dearly beloved husband Dean, whom she has lived without for 53 years! Look at that sweet little face, pleading to go! The love in that room was thick enough to cut through that night!


How we adore that dear woman! She has influenced the lives of so many, not only the lives of hundreds of thousands of Joy School children throughout the world but most importantly the lives of our own children and grandchildren! For the past couple of years, she has not known who any of us are, but somehow she has managed to maintained her strong, pervasive spirit of love and gratitude for all of us as well as her delightful sense of humor! 

For moving pictures and fascinating reports on her amazing life take a look at the perfect post by Saren on her blog today here. She also adds a link to a post that Saydi did two years ago when we had Grandma at Bear Lake. How grateful we are for these stellar recollections of her incredible life.

Grandma and Dean were known for their dancing abilities in competitions when they were young and though we will sorely miss her, nothing gives us more joy than thinking of grandma “Dancing with Dean”! 

The celebration of her life at her funeral will be in Logan on October 14th at 11 a.m. Looks as though all of our children and some grandchildren will be coming home and we look forward to a remarkable reunion even as Grandma is relishing her reunion in heaven.



Shawni said...

Thank you mom. That picture makes me happy she got to be with Dean again.

Shawni said...

But my heart has a hollow spot in it. I miss her.

Anne Doyle ( nee Chaproniere) said...

I was so sorry to read about Grandma Ruthie's passing, and my heart goes out to all of you. I know that her moving on leaves a great void in your lives, but you can rejoice that she is finally with her beloved husband again. I have some fond memories of her, but I think the thing I remember most was the twinkle she got in her eyes when she was around children. Thinking of you all at this sad time. Anne xx

Jessica Taylor said...

I'm so thankful for joy school. I feel like it's given me so many tools for teaching my kids really important stuff (especially the songs!). It's given me so much more purpose as a mom and lots of happy experiences as their "teacher." Bless you for sharing joy school with the general public and for sharing so much about your family for people like me to learn from and try to emulate.