Monday, October 21, 2013

Teaching Kids Values Made Easy

No time to teach your kids values in your hectic world?  Here’s a way to make it easy and memorable with a little help from some friends. Several years ago we met some fun, creative, incredibly talented people who some of you will know: Roger and Melanie Hoffman, Stephen Kapp Perry and Marvin Payne agreed to take the 12 values in our New York Times Bestseller Teaching Your Children Values and create a 12 part series of CDs that teach values to kids one month at a time with sensational stories, alluring “ads” and magical music!

This timeless 12-part series is called Alexander’s Amazing Adventures and each twenty minute story teaches kids about an important value that every parent wants their kids to have. They include Honesty, Courage, Respect, Dependability, Love, Unselfishness, Kindness, Peaceablility, Self Reliance and Self-discipline.  Each value is presented with fun and humor on an MP3 and on a child’s level (from about ages 3-12). Teenagers (trapped in the car) have been known to love them too!      


Saren, our oldest daughter and the co-creator of has thrilled us by taking the baton of teaching children values and running ahead. She has made a good thing better and has written a parents’ discussion and activity guide that helps to create fun interaction with your kids as they listen to the stories at the dinner table, in the car or at a family meeting. She has even included the old discussions on each value for parents that Richard and I made when they first came out when our kids were young.

It’s a perfect way to leave a legacy of teaching values with your kids and also a meaningful gift for grandchildren for Christmas.

For more information and samples as well as to order this delightful series on sale this week on Power of Moms, click here.

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