Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Comfort food

As long as I can still get heirloom tomatoes at Trader Joe’s (which opened here last summer with the biggest opening in franchise history), I’m going to keep making my favorite salad in the world….caprese. Because those tomatoes don’t last long, I forget the careful slicing and just chop it all up and throw it in a bowl. Since there is only two of us most the time now, I keep thinking that I’ll get my share but Rick/Dad loves it even more than me and after I scoop out a few bites, it’s gone before I can say Jiminy Cricket!

It’s so easy and so pretty with all those tomato beautiful colors!


Chop them up, add fresh mozzarella cheese cut into cubes. I use about a third of the package for that many tomatoes. 


Cut fresh basil with scissors into the mixture. I love basil so I add lots.


I’m an avocado lover so I like to add one of those too.


I like to use the wonderful gourmet salt that Saydi gave me from Dean and Delucca’s in Napa Valley lasts year. You might say salt is salt but as you’ve probably noticed that the variety of salt you can buy now is almost mind numbing!  It really does make a difference!


Then combine your favorite extra virgin olive oil and some rich balsamic vinegar (I like Costco’s brand and use more vinegar than oil) and you have a delicious low-cal, good-for-you treat!


Mmmmmm!  Comfort food!



Unknown said...

That looks SO delicious. I'll have to make a Trader Joe's stop soon.

Kathy said...

Yumm-O! I'm going to have to pin this one!

charity eyre wright said...

mom, you're a food blogger now! loooove this. can't wait to eat lots of yummy food with you soon!

Shawni said...

makes my mouth water