Monday, February 17, 2014

Surprise Drop into the Pothier World

After two weeks in the gorgeous weather of Central America we were a little apprehensive about joining winter at Park City. We were nevertheless delighted to come home to the land of “Frozen” on our back deck:



A two day turn-around gave us time to catch up on about a thousand things before we were off again for a speech in NYC. Especially excited about this trip because our youngest son Eli and his wife Julie and adorable baby Zara had just moved to the Upper West side of the city. They joined our older son Tal and his wife Anita and darling two year old Annina who have lived on the Upper East side for many years. From there we were headed for Boston to attend the baptism of Saydi and Jeff’s little eight year old Charlie.

We dropped into the beautiful landscape of the Phoenix airport for a short layover when we were informed that our flight to NY had been cancelled. A big storm was due to hit The City after midnight and we were due to arrive at 11 p.m. Turns out the reason for the cancellation was not because of the storm but because they would then have a hard time getting their plane out the next morning. Grrrr!

While most disgruntled travelers were being told that there would be no way to get to New York for at least a day and a half and that there would be no help from the airline for accommodations since the cancellation was “weather related” (LOL) we were actually delighted. Our speech had been cancelled and we had our Pothier Family and our oldest son Josh living within half an hour of the airport! We rented a car and had fun surprising everybody.

We got caught up in the whirlwind at the Pothiers and got a nice “fix” on what they are doing!

We got to see lovable Lucy at her soccer practice:


Gorgeous Grace made homemade pizza dough for dinner:


and we got to attend her awards assembly for cheerleading at the Junior High:


Claire got to show us her triple back flips. Wish I knew how to put video on this blog. I keep thinking I’m going to get a kid to help me but….no! Anyway, Claire is a born gymnast and can do simply remarkable things with her mind and body. 

Magnificent Max was trying out for volleyball after school with a raging sore throat and allergies.  But we were there for the announcement when he got home that he is again on the team for his Junior year, which isn’t a surprise. He’s 6’6”, 210 and the kid knows how to play! The team last year took the state championship. (Sorry didn’t get a picture of that).

Elegant Elle (sorry blurry), a sophomore at Highland High was asked to escort one of ten Mr.Highland candidates on stage for fund raiser at the high school. Her part was definitely the highlight of the night for us! So fun to go back to the world of high school.


Having just gotten her learner’s permit yesterday she drove us to the high school! She did a great job, even though it’s always a little scary riding in the back seat with a new driver when you have no control over the brake.  It will be a welcome relief for Shawni and Dave to have another driver in the family with the gaggle of lessons that these kids have to get to and from each week! Even though they know that these kids will be lucky just to get themselves to where they have to be with their busy high school lives.



While the kids were in school I hung on to Shawni’s shirt tails as she was off to find stuff for their new house which is going to be fantastic!  We searched for tables and lights and accessories. She ordered a plethora of light fixtures for inside and out, found a multitude of fabric samples for possible upholstery and window seats, and spent about 2 minutes devouring a fabulous caprese salad and brochette between stores.

In the meantime, Dad went out for a jog, then sat in the sun and tried to figure out how to get to the East coast before the next storm hit.

It was also great to see Josh for a few minutes. We dropped in on a busy time for him but he came over to the Pothiers for a while one evening. His class is harder this year than it has been in the past and we tried to figure out why. Nevertheless he is the star teacher of his new school and we appreciate the difference he is making in the lives of the kids’ lives he touches. 

I didn’t take any pictures of their new house, which is going to be a masterpiece because I think  they may want to wait for the finished product to show it off. It is going to be an amazing family refuge! Dad/Rick insisted on buying an air mattress and sleeping amongst the dust and the chandeliers in boxes in the master bedroom so that nobody would be kicked out of their beds at home.

On the first morning there we got to meet the piano teacher who shows up at 6:30 a.m. every Thursday morning. The next morning we enjoyed the traditional Valentine breakfast with this fun family at exactly 6:40 a.m., complete with fun decorations, a cup full of candy (and a cutie) and a special note written to each person by Shawni. While Dave made the pink pancakes we discussed the fun Mr. Highland contest from the night before.


The teenagers were out the door by 7:10, Dad/Grandfather drove Grace with her fabulous curly hair thanks to socks tied in all night, to the Junior High.


And the elementary kids were off like a shot out of a cannon for their big day at school.

Clarie rode her cute bike along with hundreds of other kids who ride to school every morning and it was so fun to walk Lucy to the bus stop.


Whew! What a lot happens in that household in 36 hours!


The frosting on the cake was the totally unexpected surprise of running into Julie’s parents, the Haslams in the grocery store across the street from Shawni’s house. They were just returning for their service mission in Brazil (for the 3rd time). They may be translated up to heaven any day for their wonderful service and sainthood so I was thrilled to get a chance to see them! They have a son who just happens to live about 6 blocks from Shawni. Serendipity!  It was just amazing! 

In the end, it was too late to get to NYC to see our two families there before we had to be in Boston for the baptism, so, even though we were so disappointed not to get to see our NYC kids, it could have been worse. We are on a plane to Boston as I write. More on that coming soon!

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