Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Re-entry and Take-off

As you can tell from the sudden drop-off of posts, we have re-entered our real world, put food in the fridge, caught up on a thousand things that needed to be done before we leave again which is in just  few hours. After a year of planning, our dream trip to Bali with all of our adult children and their spouses….without children, except for one little cherub, a brand new baby who resides in Maui is about to be surreal!  Probably more than you want to know about that coming soon.

In the meantime, we hardly took a picture. Didn’t think you would be interested in seeing us at the grocery store, at the Post Office and picking up the dry cleaning.

We did have a fun birthday dinner with our darling Eliza at her favorite sushi place and spent some time with our only family that lives close enough to us to enjoy dinner together…the Looslis.


We saw a senior tennis tournament at the Energy Solutions Arena and got to see some our tennis favorites from yesteryears i.e. Sampras, Currier, Blake our the great blustery guy from our young days in tennis John MacEnroe who came within a hair of beating young Blake in the final. Brought back a lot of memories!


For those of you who think that MacEnroe has slowed down….not!


He kept everyone entertained with his on-court banter. He was a bit discouraged after his narrow loss.


We also saw lots of this:


….which is beautiful until it turns to mud. We are ready for a dose of the warm sunshine (mid 80’s in the day and 75 at night). Coming soon!


Julie said...

John Macenroe was really popular here in the UK at Wimbledon in the '70's, very much for the way he lost his temper & shouted at the umpire, as well as being a great tennis player:)

He's done a couple of really funny ads since then based on that.

He's now a commentator at Wimbledon etc & even now I expect him to lose his temper with the interviewer!

Have a brill time in Bali with your family:)

Jessica Taylor said...

I'd love to know how you structure paying for joint trips with your kids, as far as who's responsible for paying for what. It seems so messy to figure out financially (unless you're paying for the whole thing) but so great to be able to do that!

I've subscribed to comments, so if you reply I'll get it. Thanks :)

Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

I would also like to know about how you pay for family trips; who pays for what, how far in advance do you plan, how did you decide on Bali, etc. I was also wondering how you figure out finances at the Bear Lake family reunions.