Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Becoming a Screw on Mother’s Day

Since our kids have “flown the coop” and have created their own “coops” I’ve loved turning my thoughts on Mother’s Day to the magnificent Mothers on both sides of my life. First our daughters and daughters-in-law who are extraordinary Mothers. And on the other side the inspiring lives of my mother and my valiant grandmothers. 

So on each Mother’s Day I have decided to try to be a little screw that holds these generations together with fascinating stories of the inspiring lives of my mother and grandmothers.

The dictionary describes a screw as a tool to fasten, tighten, force, press or stretch tight two objects. I love the idea of screwing the fascinating stories from the lives of my mother and grandmothers into the minds of our children and grandchildren.

One of our favorite articles this year was written by New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler called The Stories That Bind Us. His premise is that children and grandchildren who know the stories of both the good time and the hard times from the lives of their parents and grandparents, are much more resilient, self confident and more likely to be able to handle difficulties in their own lives. 

So in attempt to screw together the lives of those whom I love most this Mother’s Day,I’m starting with stories from my mother. Here are some little vignettes from Hazel Jacobson’s handwritten journal which I typed many years ago. Mom recorded these astonishing memories of her childhood from the time when she was between about five and ten (1910-1915). She was the third in a family of ten hard-working farm children.

I hope the moms or dads of Eyrealm who have kids old enough to understand, can find time to read this to your kids to honor Grandma Hazel on Mother’s Day. Although I’m doing this in an attempt to screw our own family together you blog readers might enjoy reading along. Interestingly the last sentence, which Mom had underlined, illustrates Bruce Feiler’s premise perfectly!

(We have tried everything we can think of to change this format so it will be easier to read but without the help of our children and/or grandchildren, this is the best we can do.)






Denning's said...

Even though I'm not family I enjoyed the story! My husband and I moved to Star Valley, Wy about a year ago with our young family. I love living here and I love hearing stories about people who grew up here. This is a special place filled with exceptional people!

Kristie said...

Wow! What amazing stories! I can't imagine any kids working like that these days! I'd love to share with my boys as well, even though I'm not family! Maybe I'll read it them next time someone complains about emptying the dishwasher?

Jenny said...

I loved reading these stories. I'm amazed at how much times have changed. How I wish things were a little like they were back then. :)

Heather McDonald said...

Thanks for sharing with non family members too! I loved reading what your mom wrote. Those last lines underlined are so very powerful and words I will share with a dear friend battling cancer. This is not the only thing she will master...but many other things that have seemed impossible. It truly does say a lot about your character. I read Shawnis post dedicated to you...I'm pretty sure you are an amazing mom, because it seems like you have some pretty amazing kiddos. :)