Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grammie Camp with Group 4: The Bros

It just turned out that way!  Group 4 is the cute band of Bros (5) and the Babes is a delightful trio of girls.  We did these in backward order this year depending on when their parents arrived and departed.

The Bros are so fun to watch! There’s never a dull moment with those five little “super balls”  They adore each other and have become the best of friends.



The components of Grammie Camp always include “Happies and Sads” since we last met, scripture memorization for prizes, a talent show, a work project, learning about ancestors, fun prizes and bonding with cousins and their Grammie.

It was great to hear all the good things along with the hard things that have happened to them this year. Some just couldn’t think of anything hard! Childhood is wonderful! We had a great time going over the scriptures they had memorized and getting their prizes.

Then we proceeded to a talent show. This group is reeking with talent!  McKay played a terrific piano solo, Charlie played guitar AND piano and the twins combined piano and drums!


(Oliver is entranced with Silas’s beautiful music)



Sadly (because I don’t’ know how to post videos) I got most of the recital on video and not much in photos but you get the idea!

Then, the big prizes for this year’s Grammie Camp was figured out by Camden. He is sort of the leader of the group (and the new Student Body President at his Elementary School. He introduced The Bros to the game that has taken all the kids in Hawaii by storm:A Kendama. Camden did a great job of explaining how to do it and after a demonstration handed out one to each of the boys. They had a great time trying to figure it out! Charlie is working so fast that he’s blurry!


This year, their overnight was with Josh on the sailboat in the harbor. It was such a hit last year that we decided to do it again. Sleeping bags, pillows and snacks were loaded into the Sprinter and off they went for their sailboat adventure. Josh loves it and I must admit I enjoyed a good night’s sleep before the next day’s fun activities. (Josh do you have pictures of this that I can post here?)

The next morning, I had pancakes, eggs and sausage ready for them when they returned to the Lighthouse and we started on our music project. This year their assigned music was The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. I think they actually had fun identifying all the instruments of the orchestra as they listened. The first one to identify an instrument as it played, got a gummy bear. They were terrific and it was a gummy bear extravaganza!

Charlie pulled out Grandfather’s cello and even though he is playing on a 3/4 size cello, he was able to play his Suzuki numbers perfectly on the big guy!


Josh joined us again for telling stories about my mom and dad…..


Our work project this year had two parts: Moving rock about the size of their heads from one place to another AND washing and cleaning The Sprinter until it shown like the top of the Chrysler building.  We wanted to return it to Kristi and Noah in mint condition, since they were nice enough to let us use their brand new van for three Grammie camps!

Josh sprayed it and the kids had a ball running through the spray with delight.  Then they cleaned the inside like paratroopers!  It was a fun work project!


After a trip  to the dollar store to buy treasures with the money they had earned from working (about $5 each) we headed back to the lake. The Finale’ was showing off the beautiful clean van!

Another memorable year with the The Bros!

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