Friday, February 27, 2015

A Quick Look Back at Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day came amongst a flurry of events. Just for the sake of Family History, I want to record a really fun day!  My gift to Richard was a ticket to The Great Divorce, an afternoon play at the University of Utah based on one of our favorite books by CS Lewis which our terrific study group has recently read and discussed.

His gift to me was a fabulous array of flowers which included 45 gorgeous red roses for each year we’ve been married, 17 pink roses that represent our children and their spouses and 27 yellow roses in honor of our grandchildren (counting the one on the way in April).

Here’s a look at my “Surprise Master” with all those gorgeous flowers!




This is what 45 long stem roses look like on their own. How he got all those flowers into one vase is beyond me!



The day was made complete as we celebrated with my wonderful sister Lenna whose husband passed away nine years ago. Since all the restaurants were jammed, Rick ordered a lovely dinner in and we enjoyed that together and then went off to the Symphony. It was a delightful evening with an outstanding entertainer who sang Barbara Streisand songs, several of which she had written!  So sad that I didn’t get a picture of the three of us enjoying a great evening together!

Do I have an incredible husband or what?  I love that man SO much more than I did 45 years ago…and not just because he gives me flowers!


Janeide said...

You are amazing! Thank you! Love you!

Unknown said...

So happy for you both!