Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Magical Adventure Through The Zion Narrows

When we go to Southern Utah to relax for a couple of days, I always envision reading by the pool, catching up on blog posts and going to a movie.

Although Richard shares my love of the sun and the movies, his top priority is exercise…every day…and adventure. For someone who could sit on a couch and read a book for a week, only getting up to eat and go to the bathroom, this can sometimes be a bit trying, especially for someone who is athletically challenged!

I must admit that I entered the following adventure with some trepidation:

Our neighbors had told us how gorgeous it was to walk through The Zion Narrows, even when it was a little chilly in March. Much of the journey involves walking through cold water running over a bed of large rocks in pretty strong current with only the help of a long walking stick and each other to stay upright. Our friends had given us directions to a place near the mouth of the narrows where we could rent dry suits.

With the help of extremely tight( (even strangling) rubber enclosures at the wrists, ankles and neck, the guide promised that we would stay dry except for our feet and assured us that even though the boots would leak, the body heat from our feet would quickly warm the water.

We tugged and pulled for a long time to get those “space suits” on, but finally headed for the hills. 



…..looking as though we were going to mars!

Do I look a bit apprehensive?


…not this guy….with our lunch zipped into his suit (hat not included in the package) he was headed for adventure! 


Once we got on our way, it was truly an amazing journey! 












I can proudly say that I only went down twice but I must admit that my feet are NOT water heaters!  I felt like I was walking on stumps by the time we got back. Still,  I have to say that I didn’t care. Looking back at the entrance as I left, I was thinking,  “that was a mystical,.’crystals in the air’ experience!”



Vanessa said...

Hi, I have never commented before but I was wondering if I would be able to get in touch with your sin Jonah. My son is doing a research project on "greasel" cars and I was wondering if he would be happy to answer some questions about it. Not many people in Australia convert their cars. Not sure if you can help. Thanks, Vanessa

normamorrison said...

You all are hilarious! ---a reader from Texas. :)

deepdvd said...

I got the idea from Josh: