Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Annual Power of Moms Retreat at our Park City Home

There was lots going on after I got home from my grand experience with the newest member of our family in NYC!  Richard had flown home to SLC just as Julie got home from the hospital in NYC so he could greet Jonah and Aja and their five who were spending the night in SL before they took off for their grand Nine Month European Adventure! (If you are interested in following this amazing family on Instagram you can go to AllWeHaveAreSandwiches).

It also just happened to be Jonah’s birthday so I had left cake and Ice Cream in the freezer. Even as Julie and Eli were beginning a new era, so were Jonah and Aja family as well as the Tal and Anita Family who had just recently moved to Switzerland. Our family is on the move!

Two days after I arrived home we were delighted to host the annual Power of Moms Board Meeting, sleep-over and Retreat. The board always arrives the night before the retreat to catch up on the big picture of what is happening at Power of Moms and keep the others updated on their particular area of expertise. 

This board is astonishing! Packed full of busy, articulate, brilliant moms who volunteer their time to edit articles, take care of the Instagram account, create video and audio, do book reviews, write articles and a plethora of other things this board, under the direction of Saren and April, keeps the webstie growing in leaps and bounds. Nursing babies come along and get passed around with glee. It’s astounding. Love these wonderful women (sorry…blurry but you get the feeling of power nonetheless)!


We always love our two days annually with the Power of Moms crew and are so thrilled with what Saren and April have been able to accomplish along with these dynamic women in the past seven years as a result of endless hours of hard work and a passion for helping Mothers.

This year was a special treat as our daughter Saydi flew out from Boston for a special presentation during the conference called Enjoy it Because it’s Happening.  If you want to hear an excellent recap of her exceptional speech and research showing that being in the present is a good indication of our level of happiness, go to this link on Power of Moms Radio where she interacts with Saren on this important topic.


How delighted we are to have these two remarkable sisters be together for this exciting event!



Eighty five Incredible moms came from all over the country this year for job training for Motherhood, the most important career!  They often divide into small groups during the day long- retreat and learn as much from each other as they do from speakers who encourage and inspire!

Saren and April each brought a daughter to help with the festivities. Twelve year old Eliza and thirtenn year old Grace (whose birthday it was) were darling to help with the serving and making this special:






I had such an inspiring talk with a young mother there who was blind, had a husband who was also blind and who, along with him was managing two little children. She explained how they had adapted and what a delight their family was to them! It was such a great day of learning, gratitude and wonder! Everyone went home girded with new ideas, mostly their own ideas of how to apply good principles to their own families.

Richard and I had a 10 o’clock flight that night for a speech in San Diego and and 48 yours after the retreat Saren was leaving with her five children for a two week trip Bulgaria and Italy! I don’t’ know if was something in the water or something in the genes, but suddenly, four of our  children (including Charity and Ian who are on an around the world tour before Ian begins work in August) are now out of the country.

It’s a wonderful world!

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